The Astrology of 2018

Astrology of 2018

So, do you know who Dorothy Morrison is?

If not, you should.  She has authored several books, has an amazing set of products, and is a member of the Coventry family.

She recently called me in frustration and asked me the following question:

Is 2018 going to be better?

And, I responded calmly, “No.”

Now if you know Dorothy, the great Taurean she is, that answer was just unacceptable, and she will do everything she can to make the most of it – because that’s what witches do.

And, you should make the most of it as well!

Every year we get cosmic obstacles that need to be worked through for change and self-fulfillment to occur. Invariably, since the New Years chart is a collective map, and signifies energies that we all will experience on one level or another.  Some personal charts may be more influenced than others, and I suggest that you get to know your chart.

This year, the biggest highlight was the spectacular eclipse season, Jupiter moving into Scorpio, and Saturn returning home to Capricorn.

2018 will have its own astrological signature, and although we do not have the cosmic spectacles that we had this year, two more planets – Chiron and Uranus – change signs, and we are at the start of a new ball game that will conclude in 2023.

Before I dive in, I would like to do a bit of a recap because I think it is helpful to understand the big picture in astrology.  We tend to look at the day to day events, and although these events have meaning, they often are not helpful in creating change and happiness.

And, what do we all want?  TO BE HAPPY!

Clash of the Titans

Recently a client was discussing the current state of the world with me.  She told me she was very nervous and that this was causing her distress.  She asked me whether this was the transit of Saturn and Neptune that was making her this uneasy.  I discussed it with her for a while, but there is no really concreate answer for this.   It comes down to this:  what comes first, the chicken or the egg?  I personally am convinced it is the rooster.   However, there is much in the cosmos that we must consider.

At the beginning of 2008, Pluto moved out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn.   During its transit through Sagittarius, we experienced a rise in terrorism, terrorists using planes as missiles, two wars in the Middle East, a massive Hurricane that hit the Gulf of Mexico and destroyed much of New Orleans and the Mississippi coast.

Pluto is the planet of survival and it will uproot issues within the sign it is transiting and eliminate what is no longer working.  Sagittarius has to do with religious idealism, higher education (whatever that means), and our relationship with things that are foreign.  Essentially, the transit of Pluto in Sagittarius was a clash of civilizations.

As Pluto moved into Capricorn, the issues regarding hierarchy, class status, and government became the object of Pluto’s crosshairs.   We had two very different Presidential candidates – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – that did not fit the mold of what Presidents normally look like (white men), and the stock market crashed and led us into the Great Recession.

Barack Obama would eventually become President of the United States, but there were several issues that came out of his Presidency; most notably, was whether he qualified to be President of the United States or not.  And, although recently, Donald Trump has claimed that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the beginning of ‘birtherism’, she was not.    It was a politician from Illinois named Andy Martin, who claimed that Obama had multiple citizenships and was a Muslim.  Of course, on March 23, 2011, Donald Trump effectively started his Presidential Campaign for 2016 appearing on the View claiming that Obama had something to hide on his birth certificate.  He went on to claim that investigators had proof that Obama was secretly born in Kenya forcing Obama to release a long-form birth certificate, and despite the proof, Trump continued to claim that he was unsure of whether Obama was an American.  During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, he refused to answer questions about it and deflected interviewer’s questions.  Eventually, he admitted that Obama was a US citizen.

On the surface, questioning whether Obama was an American was simply a civic questioning of who can be legitimately elected President.  But beneath the surface, was a larger issue about hierarchy, class status, and nativism.

As Uranus began its square to Pluto in 2011, the issue about government corruption became the focus of the evening news with groups such as Occupy Wall Street, labor union squabbles, and revolutions in the Middle East.  Uranus in Aries is concerned with freedom, and its combination with Pluto became a stew that everyone wanted to taste.  The rights of LGBT citizens, women’s pay issues, marriage equality, and religious issues all resurfaced, but the feeling was not about the desire to have them, but more about people denying individual rights because of special interest groups that politicians were beholden to.

The square between Uranus and Pluto would eventually be enhanced by the square between Saturn and Neptune.  Saturn and Neptune tend to bring out ‘populism’ and fear of ‘unknown entities’ regardless of what the aspect is.  At the turn of the 20th century, Saturn was in opposition to Neptune and a wave of populism was ignited by Theodore Roosevelt who brought the issues of the “little guy” onto the national stage.    During the mid-30’s, a rather curious Governor turned Senator from Louisiana – Huey P. Long – road another wave of populism, and if anyone was a predecessor to Donald Trump, it would be Senator Long, who had an ongoing war with the media that he considered corrupt and adversarial.  And, this past square between Saturn and Neptune involved individuals on the left and on the right who felt that they were left out of the conversation and that their needs were not addressed, and these groups formed the base for both Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

When you combine all these aspects (and for sake of brevity, I am not going to go into Uranus conjunct Eris), then you can clearly see how we have got to the point of hyper-partisanship we are in.   This is not just a US phenomenon; it is happening in other countries as well.   But, the issues of government corruption, the general population is left out of the conversation, and the battle between the have’s and the have not’s rages on.

Will it continue in 2018?

Unfortunately, yes.

Planetary Sign Changes for 2018:

I have already written about Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn, so I am going to refer you to those articles for review.  In this article, I would like to discuss two other sign changes which are important and should be considered – Chiron moving into Aries and Uranus into Taurus.

In April, Chiron will move out of Pisces and into the sign of Aries.   Chiron is an interesting planetoid, which I feel reflects where life has been unfair and wounds that ultimately are incurable. Although the wounds of Chiron seem to be manageable through acceptance.  While Chiron has been in Pisces, our loss of faith in a world that has seemed to be against us created wounds that have resulted in bitterness and disappointment in others, our bosses, our local towns and cities, and the government.  Since Chiron is moving into Aries that energy is going to shift, and rather dramatically.  Rather than our being disappointed in others, there is a deep sense of disappointment that occurs within ourselves.  We will feel blocked and our sense of individual expression will be stymied and stifled leading many to give up on pursuing life because of resistance from the outer world.  Although finding a personal identity may be difficult while Chiron is in Aries (and it is in Aries longer than any other sign), it is necessary for us to strive towards being our own person and realizing that although we may feel, at times, alone in the world, it is that sense of separateness that urges us upon our own journey.

In May, Uranus is going to move from Aries and into Taurus.  Uranus is a rather interesting planet because many astrologers have given it the keyword, individuality.   Personally, I find nothing individual about Uranus because it’s an outer planet that is concerned with collective ideals and operates on behalf of the collective rather than individuals.  Uranus likes to break free of social norms that have become stale and is concerned with fresh ideas for the sake of progress.

While Uranus is in Taurus, it is going to come face to face with earthy reality in its most fixed form.  Taurus does not like change and it rules areas of life like money, resources, the banking industry, and our values.  So, this is going to be an interesting transit (let me get Dorothy Morrison a Klonopin) to say the least because during the past few years the economy, financial sector, and markets have been on the rise, and the last time Uranus was in Taurus was during the 1930’s, which historically is known as the Great Depression.

So, you can expect changes in areas that Taurus rules and we might even see a LARGE correction with the markets, but the underlying urge of Uranus in Taurus has to do with relying upon inner resources and not outer ones.  Of course, since money is one of the most powerful symbols of security, our ideas of what it means to be secure and stable in life might also go through changes.  It is necessary while Uranus is in the sign of the bull for us to redefine what money means to us and rely upon resources that might ultimately be more meaningful, so we can experience a true freedom in life.


2018 bring us a new set of aspects to ponder.

Jupiter trine Neptune:

Jupiter trine Neptune could be the saving grace aspect of the year.   I am not going to sugar coat things; it’s going to be tough.  However, Jupiter and Neptune are the two planets that are associated with our belief in life and our connection to a spiritual existence.  Jupiter trine Neptune is uplifting and an aspect that is needed when we are going through a crisis.  It lets us focus on the positive and not get too bogged down by the events of everyday life.    We all need to have faith in life or we would fall into a dark hole of depression, so no matter how difficult things get, we need to always keep our eye on what we can do to change our personal tomorrows, and the need to accept that WE CREATE OUR OWN MIRACLES.

The Great August Grand Earth Trine:

Last year, we had the Great American Eclipse in August, and this year we have another astrological phenomenon that takes place.  The Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Capricorn all form a triangle in the heavens, which is called a grand trine.

On one hand, I am always suspicious of trines.  Trines make things very easy and some of the most horrific events in the world have occurred under them, including 9/11.  The financial industry will continue to climb throughout the first part of 2018, but this trine makes me a bit uneasy.  So, it is something to keep our eyes on.  However, trines can also be favorable.  Since this aspect includes the Sun, individual destiny is part of the equation.  We can use this aspect constructively to learn from the past and make better decisions in the future.  Uranus can give us insight and Saturn can give us the ability to bring form and structure into our lives.   This combination could also reflect that we need to shut down the events of the outer world (not ignore them, but instead limit the control they have over us), and focus on how we are creating our personal worlds.  Regardless, one of the main themes of the year is that it is not up to ‘THEM’ to create our realities, it is up to ‘US’.

5 Eclipses:

2018 brings us 5 eclipses.  I am not going to cover theme significantly this year because they are in the signs they were in last year – Aquarius and Leo.   However, I will cover them during eclipse seasons and the first one begins on January 31.  So, watch this space for those posts.

The Chart for 2018

I am going to change things up a little this year with my forecast.  Normally, I would use the chart for January 1st and then read the energies that are available in that chart.  However, I could never really get past the fact that Libra is always rising, and the Sun is around the 4th house of the chart.  The bulk of the planets would be below the horizon, which could reflect internalized energies that burst out onto the world stage, but I never felt that was good enough.

After studying several mundane astrology books over the last year, I have concluded that the chart that should be used to chart the new year is the Capricorn Ingress, which occurs on December 21st when the Sun moves into Capricorn and is considered the most important ingress chart and the beginning of a new cycle.

Let me provide you a paragraph from ‘Mundane Astrology’ by Baigent, Campion, and Harvey:

“However, in modern times the great pioneer of astrology in Germany, the highly innovative Alfred Witte, and Britain’s leading astrologer Charles Carter, both independently suggested that in fact the more fundamental ‘birth’ of the year might be considered to be at the winter solstice, when, on entering 0 Capricorn, the Sun actually begins its journey northwards.  This agrees with Julian’s reasoning in the fourth century.  This is after all the time of the year when we do in fact symbolically celebrate the ‘birth’ of the year with Christmas, and the ‘New Year’ festivities.”

Let me explain what an ingress chart is.

An ingress chart is a frozen moment in time.  It is when the Sun moves into one of the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) and is known as the change of the seasons.  Sorry to all of you that believe summer starts Memorial Day weekend, it does not.  It starts when the Sun moves into Cancer, which is on June 21st.

These charts are used in both Mundane Astrology (political) and Astrometeorology (Weather), and they are collective charts.  However, we are all influenced by the collective and we can read them for personal astrological trends as well.

The sign that rises in an ingress chart reflects the people.

It’s us.

In this case, the rising sign is Pisces, which reflects that there is a deep emotional sensitivity to movements and trends that are going to occur over the next year.  With the current political atmosphere and with nobody willing to budge, you can expect ‘true believer’ syndrome to continue and possibly stronger than ever.  People have picked sides and they are going to stick with those sides regardless of the situation or consequences.

The ruler of Pisces is Neptune and it sits on the Ascendant of the chart.  I have mentioned Neptune frequently over the past few years because of the Saturn square Neptune aspect in the heavens, and it is the planet that I associate with redemption. Neptune tends to be projected on select mouthpieces that are willing to speak the language we as a collective want to hear.  He is a redeemer god, and Neptune being strong in a chart reflects the need for us to seek out other people to do our fighting for us.  In many cases, messianic figures are not going to be able to deliver in this type of atmosphere and it historically ends badly for them.  Further, you can expect more conspiracy theory activity on the state of the world, and #fakenews will continue to be the phrase de jour of anything that has been communicated that one does not particularly like or agree with.

This dovetails into the Moon sitting in Aquarius in the 11th house, which needs people and needs a group.  We all want to belong and be apart of something, but the price that we often pay for group acceptability is losing our own individual identities in the process.  This is not to say that we shouldn’t belong, or we should shun everything we participate in; instead, it means that we should stay true to our own values and our core identity.


The Sun sits in the 10th house conjoined to Saturn, and I would like to quote from ‘Mundane Astrology’ again:

“Saturn or Uranus in the tenth or fourth house, with the Sun in one of the four angular houses.  Signifies fall or overthrow of governments, revolutions; changes of government; beginnings of new historical periods; deaths of leaders.”

This does not bode well for Donald Trump who is currently embroiled in an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and a resurgent sex scandal.  The Sun is the natural ruler of the leader of the nation in a mundane chart, and it is conjoined to Saturn implies frustration, limitations, and great difficulties – all of which President Trump abhors.  Could this lead to an impeachment or resignation?  With this combination it is possible.  It could also reflect difficult problems with our current government, which is equally as culpable as Trump to the current problems that the country faces.   It is becoming painfully obvious, that regardless of party, most politicians are interested in themselves and their own self-interests.

Job Growth:

Despite the claims of politicians, if a tax bill is passed, and it most likely will with Mars in the 8th in sextile to Sun conjunct Saturn, jobs will not flourish as expected.  The sign on the 6th house (jobs) is Leo and its ruler is the Sun conjoined to Saturn. As I mentioned earlier, this means frustrations and limitations.  Job growth could subside or go down in the next year, and the mass hiring of people that politicians are promising with the tax cuts will not happen.  Most likely, corporations will use the funds they receive from tax cuts to purchase back their own companies stock.   Remember, corporations are not beholden to employees, they are beholden to their shareholders.  Of course, this could lead to some disillusioned voters who elected Trump on the promise of bringing back jobs to the mid-west and could lead to Democrats taking over the House and Senate in 2018.


The financial outlook for the next year is rather curious.  The 2nd house is ruled by Mars, which is in the 8th house of other people’s money.  This usually means debt.  It is conjoined to expansive Jupiter, which could reflect increased debt or an increase in lending might begin.  My concern is that shocking Uranus is on the 2nd house cusp and rules the unfortunate 12th.  Could we be setting ourselves up for a situation like the one in 2008?   Pay close attention to your financial situation when Venus goes retrograde in October.


If I was a 17-year-old in high school, and I was preparing to go to college, the last career I would consider right now is one in journalism.  If you thought accusations of FAKE NEWS was over the top in 2017, buckle your seat belt!  Cancer is on the media 5th house cusp and its ruler is in the 11th house and on the cusp of the 12th.  In its quest to get the headline and eyes faster than anyone else, many media companies will have difficulties throughout 2018.  Many organizations that are not in favor of the administration may go through hostilities and possible attempts to silence the media may occur.  Coverage of the 2018 elections will be off the charts and will start immediately after Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.   It’s going to be a bloodbath!

How Does This Affect Me?

Yes, an ingress chart is a collective chart and it tends to influence events on the world stage.  However, those events ultimately have a great impact on your life, and as a result, you need to know about them.

It’s not suggested to sit with your head in the sand, allowing the world around you to dictate how you live your life.  It is up to you to understand how things are working to operate your life effectively.  All astrology charts are maps, and you can use maps to get to your destination.

Perhaps, one of the biggest aids will be to learn about your own horoscope.  Energies are constantly changing, and they influence us in different ways, for good or for ill.  It’s up to us to use the tools that are given to us; to make our life easier, and know how to manage in advance what is coming.

I wish each of you an amazing New Year!

Storm Cestavani
December 14, 2017


Saturn in Capricorn & How to Survive It!

So, in October, I wrote about Jupiter’s transit into secretive Scorpio and how the Harvey Weinstein news story completely blew up.  Since then, a day has not gone by without new allegations and an emboldened #metoo campaign initiated by actress, Alyssa Milano.

Sexual crimes are nothing new and not part of a ‘new’ society gone wild.  Cases of women (and men) being abused by the powerful reach back for thousands of years, and there are three cases of sex crimes in the book of Genesis including the rape of Dinah by Prince Shechem.  Allegations are not enough to stop rampant sexual abuses.  Instead, we need legislation, prosecution, and convictions for the bulk of abuses to end.

But, how is that going to happen?

Enter Saturn:

On December 19, 2017, Saturn will move out of fiery Sagittarius and into earth Capricorn.  Capricorn rules governments, big business, corporations, the economy, authority figures, and banks.  So, we will be dealing with some rather interesting folk for the next 3 years.

But, let’s first get to what Saturn means, which tends to be negativistic if you read most pop astrology blogs.

Saturn is restrictive, limiting, self-defeating, critical, disappointing, frustrating, envious, and considered the great malefic in traditional astrology.

After reading all that, you may need a cocktail.  (May I suggest a martini, extra dirty?)

Even in mythology, the Greek Kronos (Saturn) is a rather peculiar and paranoid god.  His story begins by leading his titan brothers and sisters to defeat their father Ouranos, who found the Titans disgusting and imperfect.  Armed with a sickle, gifted by his mother Gaia, Kronos castrates his father and tosses his testicles into the ocean.

One day, Kronos decides to visit an oracle (never a good idea in myth) and is told that one day one of his children would overthrow him and take over the throne.  Kronos then would snatch his children from their mother Rhea and would swallow them to prevent them from growing older and rebelling against him.  Of course, Rhea becomes completely bitter and angry at the destruction of their children, and eventually deceives Kronos by disguises her newborn son Zeus as a rock, and feeds him to his father.

Rhea sent Zeus to be suckled by the sea goat Amalthea in the wild until he grew up.  Allied by several of the Titans that were opposed to Kronos rule, Zeus led a rebellion and overcame Kronos and released his siblings from their gastrointestinal prison.  The oracles prophecy comes to pass when Zeus becomes King of the Olympian Gods.

This version of Saturn is where the bulk of the keywords associated with the ringed planet comes from, but there is another part of the Saturn myth that is often overlooked, and this dimension of Saturn is equally important.

In Hesiod’s, “Work and Days,” he divided the timeline of humanity into ages — Gold, Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and Iron.  Each of these ages represented a decline of individual values from spiritual to the material.  Currently, we are in the Iron Age.

Kronos rules most of the Golden Age, which was a time of great peace and prosperity for mankind.  As the god of time and cycles, he ruled over the seasons and earth was so fertile and abundant that humans were not forced to work because mother earth ALWAYS provided.  During the Golden Age, people lived very long lives and died with honor and nobility.  There was no such concept as war, pestilence, disease, or strife.  And, the concept of the Golden Age exists within many mythic structures including the biblical story of Adam and Eve before Original Sin.

The Golden Age even exists and holds power over us today.  You can see it come to life if you open Facebook and see a post from someone that has reverie over past time.  We have even terms like ‘back in the day’ to remind us that the world used to be a different place and that we have nostalgia for what ‘once was’.   There is also a throwback to times long past values.  You can see this all the time when people talk about the values of their childhood, even though they abhorred the rules and regulations forced upon them then.

In myth, Prometheus, one of the Titans, eventually led to the end of the Golden Age by gifting humans with the gift of fire, which in Jungian terms is symbolic of inspiration, individuality, and foresight.  The gift of fire made it possible for humans to abandon their devout worship of the gods and rely on their own ingenuity, creativity, and passions.  Despite our musings of the past, most are concerned about their future.  We tend to ignore the gifts of the now in favor of something wonderful that is going to happen next year.  And, this is why Saturn is often so difficult.

Saturn is not a god of heaven; he is a god of the earth.  His domain is reality and not the potentials and possibilities of tomorrow or an afterlife.  Violating his laws have consequences and are not easily swept away by confessing your sins, and the belief that the price has been paid for in advance by a savior god that suffered for you.  If you follow Saturn’s laws, then life blesses you with peace and prosperity, but if you force your own will upon nature, Saturn’s punishments are often brutal and unforgiving.

The word Saturn in Latin means ‘to sow’ and Saturn is usually seen in paintings with the sickle his mother (Gaia) gave him.  He reflects that what we sow, we reap, and this can be for good or ill.  It is through Saturn that we become responsible (he is the Karmic Cop, after all) for all our actions, and we will either get our reward or comeuppance.

There are a lot of rules (Saturn loves that) to receive Saturn’s rewards:

  1. He requires discipline.
  2. productivity
  3. Building endurable structures
  4. Security and order
  5. Preserve values of the past
  6. Self-sufficiency
  7. Self-preservation

Most of the items on the list are boring and could be considered banal drudgery.  But, we need structure and foundation to protect ourselves from a chaotic world, and the way Saturn expects us to do that is by going out into the world and achieving something.

The good news is that you always know when Saturn is coming, and you can offer him the homage that he requires.  If Saturn is transiting a part of your chart, you can begin to build structures and foundations in that area and prevent some of the more difficult dimensions of the transit.  For example, if Saturn is about to enter your 2nd house, the traditional meaning would be frustrations and difficulties with finances.  Now, a more productive way of working with this transit is to begin to look at your finances and honestly make choices and decisions to conserve more money.  Since the 2nd house is also about values, then analyzing what you value is also important.

(If you need to get a copy of your horoscope you can get it for free on my site, and I even include a guide to help you read it.)

Saturn moving into Capricorn:

I am always in awe of synchronicity when I am writing an astrology article and the news of the day seems to coincide with my content.  As Saturn finishes its last few days in Sagittarius and gets ready to move into Capricorn, President Donald Trump is retweeting questionable tapes about Islamic extremism and on Capitol Hill, lawmakers in the Senate are about to sign a new tax bill, which many consider highly slanted towards the wealthiest of Americans.

Saturn in Capricorn will manifest in several ways, but one of the paths of least resistance is through hierarchy and the preservation of what has already existed.   However, I think this go-around we are going to see hierarchy not just about who has more money than someone else and stations in life, but also through sexual roles and racial dominance.  And, although there has been enormous progress made, the general attitude of this transit is to preserve the status quo.  So, there could be heavy blowback in racial relationships, gender roles, and sexual orientation laws.

Each sign that Saturn transits through has a fear that needs to be addressed.  In the case of Saturn in Capricorn, that fear is the chaotic aspect of human nature.   Life is just unpredictable, and like Cronos swallowing his children to preserve his status and fear of the unknown, we may see laws enacted that attempt to protect us from ‘outside forces’ that are unknown and unmanageable.  For example, net neutrality is one likely suspect, but the issue regarding cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) and their tendency to attract alleged unsavory individuals could come under investigation and regulation.

Security and stability are also important to Saturn in Capricorn.  Of course, the process of feeling secure and stable could ultimately lead to difficulties on the world stage and the potential for warfare, but with Uranus moving into Taurus (I will write about that transit in my 2018 article) issues surrounding money and sudden shifts financially could occur.

During Saturn’s transit through Capricorn, he will encounter Pluto in 2020.   Pluto’s transits through a sign reflect an underlying need to eliminate what is corrupt or life-threatening to secure the survival of the species.  Pluto is not concerned with individuals and individual desires, he is concerned with survival, and when conjoined with Saturn this can lead to some rather nasty business.  Each sign Pluto transits through an enemy is invoked based upon the sign he is in, which in this case is Capricorn.  Leaders and those at the top are under fire and Pluto will seek to root out those leaders that are corrupt.

Now leaders are not just going to roll over and give up power and the corrupt are not going to willingly reveal their schemes on the evening news, instead, they will try to hold vigorously onto their positions.  Of course, we are seeing the seeds of this now beginning to blossom with the attack on the press and terms like ‘alternative facts’ making their way into pop culture.  Information is being distorted to serve the powerful, and more of this will occur because Saturn in Capricorn likes preservation.

I am sure you are thinking, “Storm what can I do about it?”

Well, a lot.

Saturn in Capricorn does not just happen on the world stage.  It happens to every one of us.  We have a Saturn in our charts, Saturn is currently transiting through a house in our chart, and Saturn will make aspects to planets.   As I discussed earlier, Saturn requires homage and if we are brave enough to listen to his cues, then we will be blessed with rewards, but if we try to usurp the god, then frustration and limitations will occur.

I think with any transit, we can begin by asking ourselves tons of questions.   Let me give you the ones necessary to make a relationship with Saturn, and then you may experience some of his blessings, as well.

  1. Are you building structure and foundation in your life? This is highly important because Saturn loves this.  He doesn’t like that you just have a job and you are paying your bills, he likes saving for a rainy day, building up a surplus of funds (Susi Ormand recommends 8 months of salary in your savings), do you own anything, are you taking responsibility for your life or are you dependent on others?
  2. Are you ambitious? Do you have goals for the future AND a plan to manifest them?  Saturn does not like dreams, he likes what is real, and if you DON’T have a plan, it isn’t real.
  3. What are the rules you live your life by? Do you REALLY live them?
  4. What order do you have in your life?
  5. Are you concerned with your social standing, and has this concern made you corrupt? In other words, are you doing things to remain in power (vilifying others, gossiping, manipulating situations, and preventing others from achieving their goals)?

These questions are just a start and I am sure that you can spend hours finding sub-questions to analyze where you stand with these.   The best way to develop a relationship with a planet is to start living what it requires, and developing a relationship with Saturn is extremely important.  Saturn is our psychic skin; he protects us from the outer world.  He can provide us with tremendous gifts.  But with Saturn, you just must have the courage to work for them.

24If you are frustrated and tired of the rollercoaster of life, then getting a full look at how Saturn is going to influence you over the next few years may be the answer.  You can schedule a consultation with here.


Relationship Rescue? Let Me Tell You How This Week Will Help You Find and Resolve the Problems

Cosmic Weather Forecast for October 27 – November 3

Do you ever think about what you want, but when you get it, you are often disappointment?

Have you started something new and imagined it would be wonderful and amazing, but later it was nothing but a big letdown?

I think, we all have, and there is a term for this – idealization.

You see, we can pretty much idealize anything – work, career, financial circumstances, but this week love and relationships is the area that is under fire.

As we move into the first full week of Scorpio Season, a powerful aspect between Venus and Pluto occurs in the cosmos.  This combination is notorious for bringing out anything that may be hiding under the surface of relationships – especially the nasty stuff like jealousy and resentment.

The good news is that Mercury steps in to help us out.  Mercury, which now is in inquisitive Scorpio, will show us exactly where the problems are in our relationships and we can begin to make changes accordingly.

One area where frustrations are likely to occur is general boredom, rigid routines, and experiencing the same old, same old.  Towards the end of the week, Venus will oppose Uranus and shake things up.  Do something different in your relationships to spice them up and keep things fresh and exciting.  Otherwise, the more the relationship remains static and the same, the more frustrated you are going to be.

Take a good look at your relationships this week and decide where they can be improved.  Often, the process of being honest with your emotions and being willing to work through difficulties, can bring a relationship (and I mean all relationships) back to center, and infuse them with new energy and passion.

Now, on with your forecast…

Aries:  Relationships are your focus with Mars moving through the 7th house this week.  You may, at times, feel like you are being controlled or pressured, which could lead to a bit of tension with others.  Otherwise, it’s a great week to socialize and spend time with friends and associates.  Opportunities may present themselves in unlikely places.

Taurus:  Keeping yourself from being overly frustrated is how you play the game this week.  Venus continues to move through your 6th house but forms difficult aspects to Pluto and Uranus.  This week you need to focus on what you enjoy about your work (or career) and what is stale and boring.  Financial frustrations may be annoying but will work out with your normal finesse.  Finally, with the Moon in the 10th, it’s a great week to promote yourself and ultimately get what you want.

Gemini:  Life changes and that’s just the fact that none of us can ignore.  Sometimes ordinary living creates necessary changes on how we live our day to day lives.  This week you may need to make changes to how you run your life – just minor tweaks to make your life more manageable.  Plus, minor repairs may need to be made to your home or dwelling.  The Moon lands in your 9th house, and this is a great week to focus on the big picture of your life and look towards a brighter and better you.

Cancer:  Family matters may be a concern throughout the week, and unresolved issues from the past may resurface.  If your relationships are going through trouble or frustrations, these problems could be linked to the unresolved family of origin issues that may need to be addressed.  A minor aspect between the Moon and Neptune could promote exploring your creative talents and could open the door to new interests and hobbies.

Leo:  Your life may not land the way you would like it to with so many planets being in your mutable houses.  You may need to go with the flow and accept the changes as they occur rather than fighting them.  Towards the end of the week, your creative juices will begin to flow, and you will feel that your life is back on track.  The Moon lands in your solar 7th house and new romantic interests may enter the scene.  If you are in a relationship, change things up a bit, and do something new and exciting.

Virgo:  Words matter!  Yours will matter this week as your chart ruler, Mercury, lands in your 3rd house of communication and not only will you unearth some valuable knowledge, but you will express yourself with force and power.  This week you can easily get people to see your point of view, but do so with conscious thought and try not to push your ideas on them too forcefully.  The Moon lands in your 6th house and changes could occur at work or work-related activities.

Libra: It’s a big week for Libra with Venus being under fire.  Family issues may be a prominent theme of the week, as well as relationship issues.  It may be necessary for you to let go of anything in your relationships that are not working and make necessary changes because the alternative could lead to bigger problems down the road.  Mars in your 1st house signifies that you should take a deep look at what you want and need, and then go after them because the Moon is ruling your solar 10th house gives you the ability to achieve your goals.

Scorpio:  There is so much energy going on for you that you may need a power plant to contain it all.  The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are all moving through your sign, and you should feel on top of the world.  It’s a great week for you to let your creative juices flow and express intense emotions.  Helping others is recommended, especially those in great need that will appreciate you.  Ghosts from the past may resurface with your chart ruler in your solar 12th house.  Acknowledge them.  Honor them. Let them go.

Sagittarius:  The force will be with you this week as old things come to an end and new things begin.  Ideas, inspiration, and intuition will be off the charts, and it may be necessary for you to put some of those hunches to good use.  Siblings may also be an issue with the Moon in the 3rd.  Reach out to them and let them know you care, and it’s a great week to repair any damage if it’s occurred.

Capricorn:  Security is the major focus for the week, and one of the easiest ways to ensure feelings of security is through the checkbook.  New opportunities to make money may present themselves throughout the week.  Your career may be a source of tension, and you may need to confront conflicts head-on before they fester.  If any family conflicts occur, they will be resolved quickly, and everyone will walk away happy.

Aquarius:  Groups and associates will be important to you throughout the week, but specifically to help you flesh out your ideas.  New friends and acquaintances may enter your life through networking and social activities.  The Moon lands in your 1st house, so personal changes are likely, and new job opportunities may open for you.  If you are looking for a new job, this is the week for you to up your game.

Pisces:  Problems from the past may resurface this week.  They can come in the form of worldly problems or people problems but will be problematic nonetheless.  This will drive you to look at the big picture of your life and put things in their proper perspective. After all, with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in your 9th house, getting a larger take on your life and what matters to you is the name of the game.  If your creative juices percolate this week, put them to good use and make the most of them.





Scorpio Season — Newsflash — It’s NOT Just for Scorpios

scorpioseasonSo, I remember when I was a teenager, one of my favorite music videos was Thriller by Michael Jackson. (I’ve put a link to it on YouTube below, in case you live under a rock and have never seen it)

All those zombies, ghouls, and creatures of the night were simply fascinating; not to mention, the creepiness of Vincent Price.

Now, 30+ years later, I am still mesmerized by horrors and hauntings, but for different reasons.

You see, all these nocturnal aberrations are alive and well and living in the subterranean realm of the sign of Scorpio.

And, guess what?  It’s Scorpio Season!

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20 Types of Psychic Readings

20 typesAre you confused about what type of psychic reading would be best for you?  You are not alone!   Many new callers have a hard time sorting through all the advisors on to find one that they feel can help them with their questions about the future.

In most cases, it is a language barrier.   What is the difference between a clairvoyant and a medium?   Is there any similarity between tarot and the i-ching?  To make this easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 20 types of psychic readings.

  • Astrology – Some people believe that astrology is just “that column”
    in the New York Times that you read for fun.   After all, it should apply to everyone that is a particular sign, right?   Not exactly – a chart that is drawn up for your time and place of birth reveals the energies and potentials you were born with.  An astrologer can predict the current trends in your life based upon where the planets in the heavens are currently and compare them to where they were when you were born.   Out of all the psychic tools, Astrology is probably the best when timing is of importance to you.
  • Aura Readings – The human body has an outer organ called “the skin” that acts as a physical shield so that the inner organs are not damaged.  Likewise, the energy field that radiates from the skin outward is called an ‘auric field’ (or simply an aura) that protects the physical body from psychic or spiritual damage.   A trained psychic that specializes in aura readings can gain information about you by tapping into this energy field.  The field contains your memories, symbolic images, and energies that belong to others – such as friends, family members, and even enemies.   An aura reading can help you get in touch with your own energy, and help you release blocks that are preventing your spiritual or emotional growth.
  • Cartomancy – The current deck of cards we use to play rummy or poker arrived on the European scene in the 14th century.  Playing cards were all the rage amongst the wealthy, those of noble origins, and the elite who used them for fun and gambling.  Moreover, the playing cards were also used to reveal the future to those who sought out their advice.   The cards are assigned meanings by the reader to reflect various aspects of the individual’s life using ‘spreads’ that revealed the past, present, and future.   Cartomancy’s popularity increased during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries into a sophisticated method of fortune telling.   In the 21st century, cartomancy has experienced resurgence and has evolved into many oracle and angel decks that are experiencing enormous popularity.
  • Cleromancy – The act of acting lots is over 4,000 years old.  It appears frequently in the Judeo-Christian bible, and is even an act commanded by God in the book of Leviticus (Leviticus 16:8).   Today, cleromancy is mainly executed by throwing bones, stones, or dice.  A cleromancer then analyzes the position, orientation, and mutual proximity of the objects cast.
  • Clairvoyant – Clairvoyant means clear seeing.  Psychics that utilize this skill have the ability to see images or visions that are related to the individual’s life.  Clairvoyants can tap into the energy system of the client and see the past, present, and future.   The modern understanding of the word psychic is often synonymous for clairvoyant.
  • Psychometry – Psychometry is very similar to clairvoyance except that the psychometrist usually uses an article that belongs to the client in order to tape into their unique vibration.   In some cases, psychics that specialize in psychometry will use their own objects to receive information.
  • Remote Viewing – Remote viewing is a specialized clairvoyant skill that allows the psychic to travel “psychically” to another location to describe a scene or event.   Once the psychic is in the location they can read the past, present, and future of that location.  Remote viewing is frequently used by psychic investigators to describe crime scenes and how crimes happen.  Further, it is used in past life regression sessions so that the psychic can reveal the clients past lives to them through the images they receive.
  • Crystal Ball Readings – Chrystal Ball Readings are similar to clairvoyant readings and psychometry.   It is psychometric because it involves the use of an object.   The trained crystal ball reader will see images or visions through the use of their crystal ball.   This skill is often used in Hollywood representations of psychics because it is an excellent prop they can use the convey information on the screen.
  • Clairaudience – Clairaudience is clear hearing.  A psychic who is clairaudient will receive information through sounds.   The audio information may be either symbolic or literal.   In both cases, the clairaudient is able to interpret the meaning of the sounds to the client.
  • Channeling – Channeling is often confused with mediumship (more          on mediums below); however both are very different forms of psychic communications.  All channels have the gift of clairaudience, yet the channel has a unique ability to access audio frequencies and receive information from disembodied beings such as spirit guides or angels.   The channel will convey the ‘messages’ to the client.  In addition, channels will often serve as facilitators to assist clients to access their own higher guidance.   Automatic writing is a form of channeling.
  • Mediumship – Since the turn of the century, the most popular form of psychic advice has come in the forum of mediumship.  Simply put, a medium is a psychic that can communicate with loved ones that have passed on to the other side.  Gifted mediums can provide clients with the closure they need to move forward with their lives, yet still feel connected to those they love.   Additionally, many mediums are also channels which allow them to connect to high level spiritual beings that convey spiritual messages to clients.
  • Telepathy – A telepath is a psychic who can receive psychic transmission based on thought patterns.   There are several different types of telepathy including latent, precognitive, and emotive.  Despite the difference in the labels, each type of telepathy receives its information from thought patterns (called PSI).   Telepath’s can reveal what someone’s thoughts are in the past, present, and future.
  • Clairsentient – Clairsentient means ‘clear feeling’.   Out of all the psychic skills, clairsentience is the broadest. For many, clairsentience is the ability to feel emotions and atmosphere around an experience, event, or individual.   For others, it is the ability to feel information by touching an object (see psychometry).   Often, a clairsentient is consulted to help heal and release past emotional traumas by helping the client come to terms with suppressed emotions.
  • Empath – An empath is an individual that can feel and control another person’s emotions or emotional state.
  • Lithomancy – Lithomancy is the psychic art of reading stones (gemstones and crystals) by tossing them down and analyzing their patterns based upon location, orientation, and proximity.   Lithomancers use a quadrant map and the meanings of the stones to predict the future to the client.
  • I-ching – An ancient Chinese oracle that reveals spiritual based messages by tossing either coins or yarrow sticks on a table to form a trigram.   The trigram is then applied to the client’s life providing them with additional insight into their past, present, and future.
  • Palmistry – The art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm.
  • Rune Readings – Runes are an ancient alphabet used for divining the future.  The runes are cast on a mat to discern future events or path a problem or issue will manifest.
  • Numerology – Numerology is the study of numbers and how they apply to an individual’s life.   This is done in many ways – either through the name given at birth, the current name used, or the client’s birthdate.   Like astrology and the constant shift of the planets, numbers also shift revealing future insight into a client’s life.
  • Tarot Readings – Tarot exploded in popularity during the 1960’s when author Eden Gray’s paperback book was released to market.   Her book contained modernized meanings to the Rider Waite Smith deck that was produced earlier in the century.  Since then, numerous tarot decks have been produced are one of the most popular items at New Age shops around the world.   The Tarot is a system of 78 cards that are used in many different ways to gain insight into an individual’s life.   Tarot readers (called Tarotists) use spreads to assign particular lenses through which the reader interprets the card.

These are just the top 20 types of psychic readings.  I will explore many of their uses and other types of readings in future blogs.



Being Diplomatic Will Get You What You Want Until Dec 9th And I Can Tell You Why

So, Mars is the fighter planet.

His job in the horoscope is to go out into the world and get you what you want.

We all need a Mars. I mean imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have one.  Nobody would win, nobody would have desire, and most importantly, you couldn’t make your life what you want.

Sounds dismal, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, Mars gives us the need to win, have desires, and gives us the ability to make of our lives what we want.  Mars is the planet that represents the human fighting spirit. After all, the world can be a hostile place and we need to defend ourselves in pretty much every area of life.  Mars defends our right to be separate individuals with our own individual essence, and this is necessary for us to feel whole.

Perhaps the biggest expression of Mars is our ability to say ‘no’, and to have the strength to set boundaries that protect our individual rights and values.  And, although this can lead to initial conflict (it is Mars, and other people have wants and desires as well), over time it leads to inner harmony and peace because we have defended our space.

On October 22, Mars will move out of Virgo and into Libra where he will remain until December 9th.

Now, the reason I described Mars so thoroughly is that Mars is in detriment in Libra.  This means that the natural energy associated with Libra – harmony, balance, and cooperation – are not aligned naturally with Mars.  So, Mars is a bit insecure in Libra.

Mars in Libra is extremely refined.  He is not the hairy, sweaty, and bloodthirsty God from the Iliad.  He is gracious, considerate, and is more like a social worker or a life coach than a football player.  While Mars is in the sign of the scales, it’s more beneficial for us to pursue goals that put other people in mind, but keeps our values and individual expression intact.  Mars in Libra is not about giving up your personal power; it’s about allowing others to express theirs as well. However, you will notice if you are giving your power away when you become frustrated, depressed, or angry, which is easily resolved by negotiating the areas of your life where you feel defeated because regardless of the sign Mars is in, he still needs to win on some level.

In Libra, Mars is also inspired by the approval and feedback of others. Libra is a sign about relationships so having others that will fight by our side spawns just as much initiation as doing things on our own. With Libra, everyone wins – at least a little.


You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” — unknown

Some dates to note during the Mars in Libra cycle:

November 19 – Mars square Pluto – With Mars being in Libra, the square to Pluto may signify a period where you are more sensitive to giving up your personal power to others.  This could be with another individual or a group.  You may need to stand your ground and maintain your boundaries even if it is uncomfortable.  Now is also the time to avoid trying to override someone else’s boundaries.   Treat them with the same respect that you would like to be treated yourself.

December 1 – Mars oppose Uranus – If there are areas of your life where you are having difficulties saying no or difficulties putting boundaries in place, Mars opposed Uranus will bring them to the surface.  An opposition implies conflict innately, and this aspect usually brings forth battles with people that you feel are holding you back. There may be a need for you to liberate yourself from people that are oppressing yo but do so with proactive rather than reactive means.  Avoid acting impulsively now because you will regret any future backlash.

December 12 – Mars sextile Mercury and Saturn – Mars will form harmonious aspects to Mercury and Saturn.  This is great energy to get things done and negotiate deals.  Further, with Mercury being retrograde in Sagittarius (he goes retrograde on December 3rd) it’s an excellent time to renegotiate circumstances that are not working for you.

Fight the good fight.

Relationship Problems? Let Me Tell You Why This Week Can Resolve Them. Finally!

Cosmic Weather Forecast — October 15 – October 21

So, this month’s New Moon in Libra is all about relationships.

And, I’ve got some good news for you…

With Venus, the ruler of Libra, being in her sign of Libra, it’s a great week to set things on the right course, and this New Moon is a powerful catalyst to putting your relationships on the right path.  New relationships are favored now and have a high chance of succeeding under the New Moon’s favorable gaze.

Additionally, this week, Mercury moves into probing Scorpio.  Mercury in Scorpio is like your private detective because you are now able to see problems lurking beneath the surface, and you can get to the root of the issues.  This will give you the ability to solve problems more effectively because you can understand the motives and intentions of others.

In other astrological news, this week is not only good for relationships; business is favored as well.  With the Sun sextiling Saturn on Monday and Mercury conjoining Jupiter on Wednesday, it’s an amazing time to get things done and see the big picture necessary to take things to the next level.

The only hiccup this week is Uranus forming difficult aspects to Mercury and the Sun. In order to work with Uranus positively, it’s necessary to explore your horizons, do something different, shake things up, and not react rigidly to changes as they arise.  Otherwise, you may feel nervous and anxious, leading to reactive emotions.  And, that’s a color that doesn’t look good on anyone.

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