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Astrology Forecasts and Horoscopes for June 28, 2021 – July 4, 2021

This week’s astrology forecast and horoscopes include a dynamic aspect featuring the planet Mars and a cosmic phenomenon called ‘translation of light.’

And, no, this has nothing to do with special effects or Star Wars. It’s the process of connecting two planets that are not in aspect or are separating from an aspect. 

Groovy Astro-speak, I know.  But this week, it’s essential.

Mars opposes Saturn/Mars square Uranus:

Earlier this month, Saturn moving through Aquarius tangled with Uranus in Taurus.  Since then, Saturn has separated from Uranus as he continues his retrograde motion in Aquarius that lasts until October.

Back to the Present…

This week Mars continues his trip through Leo and opposes Saturn and then proceeds forward and squares Uranus.  Essentially, he acts as an agent that brings the two planets together again, and this is called ‘translation of light.’

In astrology, Mars is an action planet.  Mars likes to do things.  He is impulsive, aggressive, and enjoys a good fight.  Mars is currently in the sign of Leo, and in Leo, he likes to get what he wants, and his energies are diametrically (in Leo) opposed to Saturn.  Saturn likes to slow things down, delay, and obstruct. So, you can see that Mars will build up steam, get angry, and be highly frustrated.  Often, I refer to Mars-Saturn challenging aspects (conjunctions, squares, and oppositions) as driving with the breaks on.  Mars hits the gas, but Saturn does not let the vehicle move forward, so Mars pushes on the gas harder.  Eventually, this builds up steam and pressure.

After Mars moves past Saturn, he will then move forward and square Uranus.  Mars square Uranus is a turbulent and often-explosive aspect.  However, when you add the built-up frustration from his interaction with Saturn, he can be exceptionally volatile. 

Mars opposes Saturn, and Mars square Uranus are challenging on their own.  But what is rare in this week’s forecast is that Mars reactivates the Saturn square Uranus energies once again. Areas of our lives that need to change will resurface and become apparent. 

The Moon on July 4 retriggers the entire configuration to complicate matters even further as she moves through Taurus.

Action Plan:

Now that you know what is going on, I am sure you are wondering, “what the heck do I do with this?”

Well, the first thing to recognize is that for many (especially the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio), this will probably be a tough week.  If you know it’s going to rain you bring an umbrella.  In this case, you wear a hard hat.  If you get through this week completely unscathed, great, but being prepared helps reduce the energies because it allows you to work with them more constructively.  Secondly, it is good to remember that even if you are not a fixed sign, this configuration lands somewhere in your horoscope, and the areas represented by those parts of your horoscope will be affected.  It would help if you remained on guard.

Tips and Tricks:

Here are some tips and tricks to help through the week.

  1. Take note when you feel frustrated and note the area of your life where you feel frustrated. 
  2. When you feel frustrated, take time out and focus on other things for a bit.  Distraction can be a powerful tool when dealing with frustrations and anxieties.
  3. Once you figure out what is frustrating you, this can be a sign from the unconscious that you need to change this area of your life.  Of course, none of us like change (well, maybe Geminis), but like I have said before, with Saturn-Uranus, you either change the areas of your life that Saturn-Uranus requires, or Saturn-Uranus will make the changes for you.  There are no escape routes.
  4. Once you have homed in on what you need to change, you can proactively begin to take the necessary steps to move forward progressively. And, no, you do not have to do this in one weekend; starting to make essential changes makes all the difference.  Sometimes, we need to take baby steps.
  5. If you feel an energy surge build-up or people in your life try to trigger you, avoid reacting.  Instead, walk away from the situation and let things calm down before dealing with the issues. The more proactive you are, especially when your feelings are involved, the better the results.  Also, an extra workout may relieve some of the martial tension.

Hopefully, these tips help you navigate your way through the week.  Also, remember to always take care of yourself when energies are erupting out of the cosmos.  Eat well.  Sleep well. And most importantly, take care of your spirit.

Weekly Horoscopes


Escaping from the real world may be the name of the game at the beginning of the week when the Moon sets up shop in your solar 12th house.  You may need a brief reprieve from all your duties and obligations so that you can recharge your batteries. On Thursday, Mars opposes Saturn, and you may experience opposition or pushback from someone in your social circle. Avoid listening to people with negative mindsets. Finally, this weekend, unexpected expenses may put a dent in your wallet. Spend wisely!


The beginning of the week should start positively as the Moon conjoins Jupiter in your solar 11h house.  Please pay close attention to new contacts or new people in your social network because they may be valuable resources in the future.  Later in the week, you may struggle to find a balance between your professional and personal life, leading to frustration and burnout.  Over the weekend, tense experiences with family members may cause conflicts and arguments. Proceed with caution!


A big career win may be a major highlight this week as the Moon conjoins lucky Jupiter in your solar 10th house.  Anything you give energy to should work out to your advantage, and you will have the support of others if needed.  Later in the week, your mind will be kicked into overdrive as Mars moves through your solar 3rd house of communication.  On Saturday, an old problem may resurface that will need your attention.  Handle it once and for all.


Big picture objectives and long-range goals may be on your mind on Monday with the Moon joined Jupiter in your solar 9th house. Trips and travel plans may also be important. Later in the week, career frustrations may lead you to question your professional future.  Try to wait before you take any impulsive actions that you may later regret.  This weekend, a disagreement with a friend could lead to a heated exchange.  Avoid confrontations, if possible.


Batten down the hatches and get out your hard hat because this week is going to be turbulent. First up, unexpected financial news may be a significant cause of stress at the beginning of the week.  Ensure your financial statements are in order and that your checkbook is balanced. Later in the week, relationship issues may surface that leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed. Use your wise mind before making important decisions. Finally, this weekend, sudden family-related news could leave you feeling unsettled.  Get all the facts before you react.


The state of the week looks favorable with the Moon conjoined Jupiter in your solar 7th house. It’s a great time to enjoy being with your partner, and your feelings for one another may deepen.  On Thursday, positive career news may boost your confidence and lead to acknowledgment from your peers.  Later in the week, communication issues with a child (or children) may leave you feeling frustrated.  Stick to your boundaries when necessary.


The Moon makes a lovely conjunction with Jupiter in your solar 6th house this week and allows you to make adjustments to your daily routine.  You may want to consider starting a new diet or begin a new exercise program that can help heal your body and mind. Towards the middle of the week, you may have an altercation with a friend or disagree with a group’s ideas, especially if you feel belittled or ignored.  This weekend unresolved relationship issues may surface.  Try to deal with them proactively rather than reactively.


This week is about discovering what you want out of your life, and you may need to spend some time alone to get clear on what your next move will be.  Towards the middle of the week, frustrating events on the career front may leave you feeling diminished and sour your spirit. Try to take the high road when dealing with authority figures.  Over the weekend, make sure you stay clear in your communication with your partners because the manic energy of Mars square Uranus can easily cause arguments and disagreements.


Although your normal mode is fiery and energetic, this week may be time to pull back and do some inner work.  The Moon conjoins Jupiter in your solar 4th house, and family matters and concerns may be front and center at the beginning of the week.  Try to be a force of good, especially if you are called upon to mediate matters or resolve issues. Later in the week, issues from the past may resurface and need to be dealt with since Mars rules your solar 12th house and is opposing restrictive Saturn. Take the time to pause enough to ensure practical decisions lead to positive results.  This weekend, be on alert; with Mars square Uranus, you may be accident-prone.


Conversations with close friends may prove illuminating as the Moon moves through your communication sector and conjoins inspirational Jupiter at the beginning of the week. If you have new ideas that you would like to develop, now would be the time to put them in motion.  Towards the middle of the week, unexpected financial issues may surface that is always a joy kill for you. Avoid spending unnecessarily. Finally, this weekend, avoid aggressive and demanding people because they may easily erupt if given a chance.


Positive financial news may be on the way at the beginning of the week when the Moon conjoins lucky Jupiter in your solar 2nd house of money and resources. Long-term financial investments may also pay off for you this week. You may feel frustrated in your relationships, but try to avoid being bullied into something you do not want to do.  This weekend, family arguments and tensions may attempt to steal your joy. Don’t let it! 


The beginning of the week should start off positive with the Moon conjoining optimistic Jupiter in your sign.  You may feel energized, alive, and ready to conquer the world. Towards the middle of the week, you may experience stress and frustration from co-workers that do not pull their weight, try to avoid altercations with them if at all possible.  Sometimes, just letting things go and addressing them when the cosmos is not so volatile is the best decision.

See you next week!

Astrology Forecast and Horoscopes For the Week of June 21, 2021 – June 27, 2021

The astrology and horoscope forecast for the week of June 21, 2021 – June 27, 2021, features one of the most positive aspects of the year, Venus moving into Leo and Mercury finally turning direct in Gemini.

Can I get an AMEN?

Let’s begin with the cosmic weather event that occurred late on Sunday (in North America): The Sun moved out of Gemini and into Cancer and marked the official beginning of summer in the North Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

As we move through Cancer season, we leave the airy mental heights of Gemini and dive into the waters of the sign of the crab. In astrology, water signs are nurturing, compassionate, empathic, craves connections and emotional reliability.  So, Cancer season is about finding the emotional sustenance that we need, connecting with those we care about and building emotional reliability through those connections.  Also, in the mystical kabbalah, Cancer is the sign associated with healing and removing disease (dis-ease) by clearing negative behavior patterns that may be blocking us from living the life we want to live.

Now, there is good news this Cancer season.  Jupiter will be in the sign of Pisces and forms a sign-based trine to the Sun.  Last year, during Cancer season, there was an aura of uncertainty, confusion, isolation, and despair hovering over everything during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year this has changed (even though we are still in the pandemic), and we will go through Cancer season looking forward to all the potentials and possibilities we can create in the future.

Now, on with the forecast…

Mercury Turns Direct in Gemini

Although Mercury turning direct in Gemini is not the best news of the week, it is right up there with it as Mercury changes course on June 22nd. During the first part of the week, expect another onslaught of communications problems, electronic devices acting up, and plans to go awry. However, as the week goes on, Mercury will slowly move forward.  It’s a great time to clear up any communication problems, disagreements and attempt to repair any damage caused during the retrograde.  You are also free to make plans and decisions once again.

Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter in Pisces

In astrology, the Sun trine Jupiter is one of the most favorable days of the year, so positive that it should provide somewhat of a protective shield from the worst of Venus oppose Pluto (although Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn may feel the effects of Venus square Pluto stronger).

The Sun and Jupiter are both fiery planets, and even though they are both in water signs, there is still a feeling of optimism, and our focus will be on future potentials and possibilities. Sun trine Jupiter is hopeful, which will be a pretty different attitude than the last couple of years when Saturn was in Capricorn and opposing the Sun, which can be a big downer.  Also, this aspect augurs a time when you can take a risk or a gamble on pursuing new opportunities in your life.  If you have been waiting for a great window of time to start something new, now is the time to act.

Full Moon in Capricorn

This week we have a Full Moon in earthy Capricorn, and we officially end eclipse season. Now, in astrology, the sign of Capricorn is not as glamorous as Leo or Sagittarius, nor is it as people-oriented as Libra or Aquarius.

Capricorn is an earth sign that is concerned with practical realities.  So, during this Full Moon cycle, issues surrounding duties, obligations, and responsibilities will surface.  The Capricorn Full Moon instructs us to look at how we utilize our practical resources (most importantly time and money) and look at whether our choices and decisions are adding to our lives or subtracting from it.  Since Saturn rules Capricorn, you may need to look at your boundaries and limits and decide whether they are too rigid or too malleable. But mainly, this Full Moon cycle is about letting go of everything that is not adding to your successes in life.

Venus in Leo

Finally, on Saturday, Venus moves out of emotional Cancer and into fiery Leo.

One of my favorite moves is Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, not because the movie was popular, but because the character of Sandy makes choices about love and pleasure.

In the movie, Sandy wants a serious relationship with Danny, the rebel hero of the film.  Danny is part of the T-Birds, a group of oversexualized grease balls that shy away from commitment and responsibility and instead thrives on fun and sexual pleasures.

Sandy spends most of the movie trying to be acknowledged and respected by Danny but fails until she understands her desires, wants and needs, and can express her expectations.  Once she discovers her value, she transforms into a siren with the powers to lure Danny and convince him (through song) to give her what she wants.

Sandy is a perfect image of Venus in Leo.  While Venus is in Leo, we should focus on our wants and desires, our expectations of love relationships, and the value of being respected and acknowledged for who we are. After all, every queen (or king) deserves the best, and that includes you!

Weekly Horoscopes

(Read the horoscopes for your Sun sign and your rising sign if you know it.)


Family matters highlight the beginning of the week for you as the Sun moves into Cancer and your solar 4th house. It’s a great week to redecorate, tend to your flowers and plants, and reach out to those you care for. Later in the week, the Full Moon lands in your solar 10th house of work and career.  You may experience opposition from others on the work front, but don’t let them drag you down because it’s your time to shine.  This weekend, romance fills the air as Venus joins sexy Mars in your solar 5th house of passion and pleasure.


Communicating and socializing with friends and associates may be a significant focus throughout the week.  Music and the creative arts show up prominently in your horoscope and a good way for you to relax and relieve stress. Later in the week, focusing on big picture goals will help you map out your future. This weekend, Venus moves into your solar 4th house, and your best bet would be enjoying the pleasures and comforts of home.


Someone may present to you a financial opportunity that is too good to be true. Think wisely before making decisions that you may ultimately regret. On Tuesday, your planetary ruler Mercury goes direct in your solar 1st house, and it’s a great time to clear up any communication flap that occurred. Later in the week, power struggles may be a thorn in your relationships, but don’t fret; Venus moves into Leo, and love will be in the air once again.


This week the Sun leaves the past behind and is focused on the future as it moves into your solar 1st house.  You may notice an increase in energy and a noticeable improvement in your self-confidence.  Later in the week, the Full Moon in your solar 7th house brings relationship issues center stage.  However, a resolution to any conflicts should be your priority, and you should repair any damage that may have occurred.


It’s time for your shining light to go on hiatus to recharge your batteries and prepare for a new solar year next month. Problems from the past may resolve themselves this week to your advantage. Financial issues may surface towards the end of the week, and you may need to focus on your fiscal situation more frequently. This weekend Venus moves into your solar 1st house, and for you single Leos, new love interests may enter along with her.


This week starts with new creative partnerships that may potentially prove lucrative at the beginning of the week.  Additionally, your social circle will have your back and will help you level up when you need it the most. Mercury turns direct in your solar 10th house on Tuesday, and all the career tensions you’ve experienced recently will slowly improve. Later this week, the Full Moon lands in your solar 5th house of fun and pleasure.  Take some time to squeeze in activities you enjoy.


Your generous nature may come out center stage, and someone may call on your help at the beginning of the week. Further, you may be required to make sacrifices on the career front for the greater good. Later in the week, the Full Moon happens in your solar 4th house.  If you want to sell property, put your home on the market, or purchase a new property, this Full Moon cycle is the time to do it. This weekend, if you had a falling out with a friend or loved one during the retrograde, opportunities to repair the damage will present themselves. Be open, honest, and transparent.


The Sun moves into Cancer at the beginning of the week and into your solar 9th house.  It’s time to focus on the big picture and map out your goals for the future. Spiritual matters or concerns will be a central theme this week, and it’s a great time to get in touch with your inner feelings.  Issues concerning a sibling or close friend may surface with the Full Moon in your solar 3rd house.  This weekend, Venus moves into Leo and activates your career sector. It’s time to stand out from the crowd and be acknowledged for the work you do.


This week, the Sun moves into your solar 8th house, and it’s time to clear up your debts and make good on your obligations. At the beginning of the week, you may find pleasure and enjoyment in your creative pursuits.  On Tuesday, Mercury turns direct in your solar 7th house. You are now free to pursue business deals, forge alliances, and start projects.  The Full Moon this week lands in your financial sector, and new financial opportunities and business-related projects will be prosperous. If you want to get away for a weekend, it’s a great time to do so with Venus moving into your solar 9th house.


Relationship issues will be your primary focus throughout Cancer season, with the Sun moving into your solar 7th house. At the beginning of the week, deep conversations with others will provide you with much-needed soul food. You may even discover truths about yourself that you never considered before. The Full Moon occurs this week in your sign, and it’s a great time to build yourself up by releasing everything (and everyone) that’s no longer adding to your life. Later in the week, a friendship or partnership may come to an end. Let it go! Continuing to focus on people that were in your life for a season will steal your joy.


This week your primary focus will be on completing tasks and day-to-day activities that may have piled up recently. At the beginning of the week, someone may call on you to help with their problems. Be as compassionate and understanding as possible, but keep firm boundaries. Later in the week, financial improvement is possible through unexpected sources. The Full Moon occurs in your solar 12th house, and problems from the past may resurface and need resolution. The good news is that this weekend, Venus moves into your solar 7th house and heats up your love life.


Your creative juices may steadily flow this week as the Sun moves into your solar 5th house. Issues with a child or children may also be a focus. At the beginning of the week, you may feel more romantic than usual as Venus forms a favorable aspect to Neptune.  On Tuesday, opportunities to resolve family disputes may occur as Mercury turns direct in your solar 4th house. Later in the week, the Full Moon lands in your friendship sector, and you may attract new people into your life that share your values and interests. Finally, this weekend, you may find yourself knee-deep in beautifying your surroundings.

See you next week!

The Astrology Forecast and Horoscopes for June 7, 2021 – June 13, 2021

Solar Eclipse “Elements of this image furnished by NASA “

The astrology and horoscope forecast for the week beginning June 7, 2021, features a solar eclipse in Gemini, Mars moving into Leo, and a befuddling Sun square Neptune.

But let’s begin with the obvious – Mercury is retrograde in Gemini until June 22.

Even though Mercury is moving again, albeit slowly, we will continue to experience Mercury retrograde issues.  Expect problems with communication, electronic devices, plans, and it’s best to avoid signing documents or making decisions unless you have no other choice. 

Astrology Hot Spots

Solar Eclipse in Gemini:

This week we have a solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini.  Now ordinarily, solar eclipses usually affect heads of state, government leaders, high-powered corporate execs, and notable personalities on the world stage.  The good news is that solar eclipses are not as potent as lunar eclipses (In astrology, the Moon rules ordinary people). 

Since the sign of Gemini involves communication, during the eclipse, you may have difficulty communicating with others or getting your point across.  Further, you may have trouble understanding others as well. As with all eclipses, it is recommended that you slow down, practice self-care, and hydrate.  Since the eclipse is square Neptune, I would also recommend avoiding alcohol and mood-altering substances.  The solar eclipse happens on Thursday at 6:53 AM EST.

Mars in Leo:

This week, Mars moves out of Cancer and into fiery Leo.  In astrology, Mars is in his fall in Cancer, so he will appreciate moving into a sign more to his liking – and so will you!  If your ‘get up and go’ has been broken over the last six weeks or you have been less energetic than usual, Mars in Leo will help you get your mojo back.

Mars in Leo is energetic, motivating, and likes to get things done.  This is one of Mars’s best placements if you need a jolt of courage (remember that cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz?).  You may also find that your creative juices will flow steadily.  Mars does tangle with Saturn and Uranus while he is in Leo, but I will cover the astrology of that next month.

Mars remains in Leo until July 29.

Sun square Neptune:

Now and then, we all need a break, and Sunday is the day to do it since the Sun squares Neptune in Pisces.

In astrology, while the Sun is in Gemini, he likes to socialize, communicate with others, and share ideas and opinions.  But sometimes, we can go into information overload and just need a break, and Neptune is more than happy to oblige.

This weekend, you may have the urge to disconnect from the rest of the world, cancel plans, and do nothing of importance. Instead, you may want to spend the day resting, enjoying some music, or watching a movie.  Chilling will be your primary objective.

However, one bit of caution, avoid putting too much faith in the wrong people because they most likely will let you down.

Weekly Horoscopes


Financial issues may be a concern at the beginning of the week but should be resolved quickly.  Communication issues with close friends or siblings may surface during the solar eclipse, leaving you bewildered and confused.  However, your mojo should return on Friday when your ruler Mars moves into Leo. Do something that you enjoy and pleases you this weekend.


At the beginning of the week, you may need to make your desires a priority with the Moon moving through your solar 1st house. Towards the middle of the week, your finances may be a concern as the solar eclipse triggers your financial sector. Expect unresolved family issues to surface this weekend when Mars switches signs, but you will find that you have the upper hand. If someone asks to borrow money, think twice because they probably won’t pay you back.


Gemini, even you may experience information overload and may need to disconnect and rest at the beginning of the week, but do not fret; your social needs will bounce back on Friday when Mars moves into Leo.  The solar eclipse this week occurs in your solar 1st house and reflects a new cycle for you.  Release the old and embrace the new.  On Sunday, don’t trust everything you see or hear.


 The solar eclipse this week may cause unresolved personal issues to resurface. You may feel confused and uncertain about the steps you need to take to resolve your problems.  The good news is that the strong focus in your solar 11th house means that a supportive friend or colleague may come to your rescue.  On Friday, as Mars moves into Leo, a burst of energy in the financial sector of your horoscope may brighten the next six weeks.


Minor career disruptions may crop up at the beginning of the week, leaving you feeling annoyed, but this rain cloud will pass relatively quickly. The eclipse occurs in your solar 11th house, and you may need to make changes to your crew, especially when it becomes apparent that there is a snake in your midst. The good news is that this week Mars moves into your sign on Friday and begins a new cycle of motivation and optimism that should last for the next six weeks.


The solar eclipse this season lands in your career sector, and now is the time to take things to the next level because your reputation and continued success may depend on it.  However, be careful of acting too rashly because Mars in Leo will move through your unfortunate 12th house for the next six weeks.  Although your career may be your central focus, make sure you devote enough attention to your relationships because your partners may not feel like they are a priority.  This weekend, someone new may enter your life that shares your beliefs.


This week, what looks like a curse you may be able to channel into a blessing.  The eclipse occurs in your solar 9th house, and a new quest for knowledge will be your focus over the next six months. This may include studying new subjects or traveling to discover other cultures. On Friday, Mars moves into your friendship sector, and you may feel like the belle of the ball as your popularity soars.  However, take some time to rest on Sunday because you deserve a break.


The solar eclipse lands in your 8th house this week. Over the next six months, your primary focus may be on your financial obligations and debt reduction. The good news is that Mars moves into your career sector, and you may see a boost of energy, promotions, or improved standing that could increase your finances. This weekend, unexpected events will lead to a surprising understanding of yourself and others.


This week the eclipse lands in your solar 7th house of relationships and partnerships, but since Mercury rules your solar 10th house, business alliances may be a focus over the next six months.  On Friday,
Mars moves into Leo, and since you are a fire sign, your optimistic spirit will surge once again. This weekend, you will have a desire to try new things, especially if it makes you feel inspired.


You may need to change your day-to-day activities as the eclipse lands in your solar 6th house.  This may include changes to your diet, exercise regime, and the amount of rest you get.  Mars moves into Leo on Friday, bringing family issues front and center over the next six weeks.  You may need to make a difficult decision you would rather avoid.  This weekend, do something exciting that helps break up the usual monotony. 


This week begins with mild family issues that should resolve themselves easily. You may notice that you are more focused on yourself than you usually are because the eclipse lands in your solar 5th house. Over the next six months, your primary focus will be on getting your personal needs met, but issues with children may also be a focus. On Friday, Mars moves into Leo, and your relationships will heat up. It’s also an excellent time for you single Aquarius folk to attract someone new if factors in your horoscope support it.


The eclipse this week lands in your solar 4th house of home and family.  Over the next six months, you may notice that your focus will be on family relations, connecting with those you are closest to, home repairs or making a move. Be cautious of family members hovering too closely because they may have a dubious hidden agenda.  On Friday, Mars moves into Leo, and your diet and personal fitness become an issue. Avoid foods that cause inflammation.

See you next week!