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Astrology Forecast and Horoscopes for the Week of July 5, 2021 – July 11, 2021

This week’s astrology forecast and horoscopes feature a New Moon in Cancer, Mercury moving out of Gemini and into Cancer, and Venus getting cornered by Saturn and Uranus.

Sun Sextile Uranus

At the beginning of the week, we get a tiny (and by tiny, I mean tiny) break as the Sun in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus.  The Sun sextile Uranus tells us that we need to shake things up and break from our usual routines, and engage in different and exciting activities.  Monday is also a great day to make changes to your life in areas (i.e., where you had difficulties) that may have become apparent last week when Mars opposed Saturn and squared Uranus.

Mercury square Neptune / Venus opposes Saturn square Uranus

On Tuesday, we are back in the saddle again, starting with Mercury square Neptune.  The early part of the day will likely include brain fog and about enough motivation to pour a cup of coffee.  Confusion and difficulties staying focused may dominate the day.  Later, on Tuesday, Venus opposes Saturn, which along with Mercury square Neptune may leave you with feelings of self-doubt and other inner insecurities.

Venus oppose Saturn is a challenging aspect because it represents struggles in relationships, not the chocolate-covered strawberries and champaign type of business – the tough stuff. Venus oppose Saturn often reveals the areas of relationships that need work.  Resolving relationship business will let you have fun again, so when the taskmaster calls, make sure you answer.

Venus oppose Saturn dovetails into Venus square Uranus on Thursday. As I mentioned earlier, with the Sun sextile Uranus, Uranus likes to shake things up and works no differently with Venus. On the positive side, Uranus often provides answers and strategies for relationship problems.  On the negative side, Uranus likes freedom, and breakups can occur if relationships become too stifling or restrictive. The key is deciding whether a relationship is worth the effort, and practicing acceptance if it is not.

New Moon in Cancer

Look up in the sky on Friday because the New Moon is the sign of Cancer, and we reach the peak of Cancer Season. Now, unlike the last New Moon, a solar eclipse, you can do any intention or magical work you desire. So, get out your toolkit; it’s time to rock n’ roll.  This New Moon is about new beginnings in Cancer’s domain – home, family, security, and fertility.

Mercury in Cancer

Finally, this busy cosmic week in astrology ends on Sunday when Mercury moves out of Gemini and into Cancer.  Your intuition will be in overdrive, and you will understand things deeper than you normally would.  Your sensitivity and compassion for others will be enhanced, and you may find it challenging to be around people who are angry, discordant, and cold.

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