Cosmic Weather Forecast – March 4, 2019 – March 10, 2019

So, we have a bucket load of astrological energy that occurs this week.  Change is on the horizon and a new cycle begins that will influence our lives over the next 7 years when Uranus leaves fiery Aries and enters earthy Taurus.  Uranus is a tricky planet because it’s not personal, but collective.  This means that Uranus symbolizes urges that are greater than one person and reflects the natural progression of human evolution, and therefore, has broad consequences.  As Uranus enters earthy Taurus, security finances, and inner resources will be highlighted and since Uranus tends to shake things up, we can expect these sensitive areas of life to dramatically be affected.

When dealing with the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris), our best guide is history because planetary themes tend to repeat.  The last time Uranus moved into Taurus was in 1934 and continued through the beginning of World War 2.  Notice this began after the market crash of 1929 and during the Great Depression that occurred through the 1930s.  These financial problems and uncertainties and damage they caused, especially to Germany, led to nationalism, protectionism, and ultimately World War 2 when Germany invaded Poland.

As I am writing this post, the themes of nationalism and protectionism in the United States and parts of Europe are repeating.  Threats of tariffs and economic insecurity are leading to fears of potential economic collapse in the US and around the world.   Sanctions against countries and backroom deals are reminiscent of Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles, which blamed World War 1 entirely on Germany and the financial reparations placed a heavy burden on the German people, which led to the rise of the NAZI party.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we are on the verge of a world war, and a war in the 21st century may not look like anything that occurred in the past, but the themes are repeating, and we can expect changes in national finances and national resources.  We will question, on the collective level, what security means and whether inner resources and values ultimately mean more than physical ones.

We are in for a wild ride, but every astrological aspect has two faces – negative and positive. We can expect changes in currency, improved banking technologies, and scientific discoveries that will improve the health of the human body, which is perhaps our most valuable resource.

These are two other astrological events this week – Mercury goes retrograde and the New Moon occurs in watery Pisces.  First up is Mercury retrograde, Mercury retrograde reflects a period of reflection and introspection that lasts for three weeks.  During the retrograde, we can expect difficulties with communication, electronic devices will go awry, and travel plans may fall apart, try to prepare for these mishaps beforehand.  Secondly, the New Moon occurs on Wednesday in Pisces.  This is a great New Moon to do intention or magical work to bring compassion, joy, and enhanced spiritual connection into your life.

Now, on with the forecast…

Monday, March 4, 2019

The Moon moves through progressive Aquarius and forms a gentile sextile to Jupiter.  Your overall mood will be positive, and this is a beneficial time for discussions that need a positive outcome.  Friends and associates may prove useful at this time.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Happy Mardi Gras!  Tuesday afternoon, Mercury will turn retrograde in Pisces.  Now, all the ordinary Mercury retrograde issues that I wrote about earlier are relevant and you should keep them in mind over the next 3 weeks. However, since this retrograde is in Pisces, you may want to reflect on how the ‘collective’ is setting your reality, and how influenced you are by collective trends.  It is ok to be part of the pack if you are aligned with it, but if you are doing it to be accepted, then you may want to reflect on this during this retrograde cycle and make individual changes if needed.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

On the astrological level, it’s World Compassion Day as the Sun conjoins Neptune in Pisces.  You will notice that your sensitivity to others will peak while this aspect is active. However, make sure that you check and verify situations before you get involved with them because this aspect opens you up to people with less than noble agendas.  Additionally, avoid drugs and alcohol over the next few days, because Sun-Neptune aspects can intensify your reaction to them, especially if they hit your personal chart.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Moon spends the morning hours moving through Pisces and forms a sextile to Pluto and a conjunction to Mercury. It’s a great day to stand in your personal power and express yourself to others.  If you need to discuss something that bothers you, the Pisces Moon will help soften your delivery. Later in the afternoon, the Moon moves into energetic Aries giving you a much-needed energy boost.

Friday, March 8, 2019

The Moon continues to move through the sign of the ram (Aries) and forms a lovely sextile to Venus.  Use Friday to strengthen your relationships with both your partners and your social network.  If you choose to go out, make it an early evening because the Moon begins to apply to Saturn, which may rain on your personal parade.

The Weekend

We have an astrologically busy weekend with two significant aspects – Sun sextile Saturn and Mars sextile Neptune.

Saturday is a great day to get things done, and for many, it may be a day to begin spring cleaning.  So, put off resting until tomorrow and finish any tasks that need competition.

On Sunday, Mars will sextile Neptune and this is great energy to sit back and relax because Neptune weakens martial energy and makes us feel unmotivated to do much of anything.  Instead, use this to tap into the spirit by meditating, doing inner work, or simply listening to good music. Mars sextile Neptune is also great for a good movie. Perhaps, a Netflix fix is in order.

See you next week….

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