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Cosmic Weather Forecast — Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

I’ve got a secret.

Wait for it…

I dread when Mercury goes retrograde, and not because of the annoying little problems that occur during the period when the trickster planet decides to backstep through the zodiac as they are bound to happen.

No, it’s the endless memes, complaints, and everyone blaming every problem on earth on Mercury.  In many ways, it reminds me of people that blame Satan on every single problem in their lives – even the ones they CAUSED.  It’s exhausting for astrologers, and unfortunately, the information that is shared on social media is more Cosmo and Allure magazines than anything that resembles astrology.

Yes, Mercury is going to retrograde, and it happens on Halloween at 27 degrees of Scorpio.  Mercury will reverse course and go back through the sign of Scorpio before stationing again at 11 Scorpio on November 20th.  You may want to check your charts and see if you have anything in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius because your chart will be highly sensitive to Mercury’s movements.

Mercury in Scorpio is not the trickster he usually is in more fiery and airy signs, instead he probes beneath the surface often brings up the sewage of our past in order for us to challenge, integrate, and transform past traumas and compulsions that may plague you.  Mercury as the psychopomp is about revealing the truth, not in a literal sort of way, but instead provides you with personal truths that can ultimately change your understanding of life.

However, the biggest benefit of Mercury retrograde involves his reflection capabilities.  Over the next three weeks, you have an opportunity to look at the events since the last Mercury retrograde (end of July) and see if you need to make corrections or modifications to the choices that you have made.  Mercury retrograde periods give us a chance to alter course and define what we can personally do to make improvements in our lives.  So, if you have had some major upsets or major challenges that have frustrated you, if you do the inner reflective work, you can see where your personal choices have led you down the wrong path, and how you can get headed down the right one once again.  Remember, this is not about judgment, we all make mistakes and we can all course correct, it’s about learning from experiences and using that information in order to live the best life we possibly can.

Mercury Transits

Here are some hot spots to look for while Mercury is retrograde:

November 9, 2019 – Mercury sextile Pluto – Pluto gives you the ability to dig deep and reveal the root of problems that may be nagging you.  This aspect gives us the ability to become our own personal detectives and get to the truth.  It’s also a great time to do trauma work or to explore areas of your life you would ordinarily avoid.

November 11, 2019 – The Sun conjunct Mercury – The Sun is about our sense of individuality and our destiny.  When Mercury retrograde conjoins the Sun, we can often get intuitive flashes of what our destiny is meant to be, and it just comes out of the blue.  I once had a client who struggled with her job for months and months, and when Mercury retrograde conjoined the Sun in her 10th house, she realized that she was bored with her job and that her own boredom and happiness with her line of work was unconsciously creating her struggles.  Watch the events that happen between November 10 – November 12 closely.

November 13, 2019 – Mercury sextile Saturn/Mercury trine Neptune – We get a two for one special that will be active from November 12-November 14.  First up is Mercury sextile Saturn, which is great for business activities and analyzing your business and career status over the past few months.  It’s also a great time to make new plans to implement once Mercury goes direct.  Next is Mercury trine Neptune, which will get your creative juices flowing, which you can use on business or personal related projects.  Spirituality and inner work can be done while Mercury and Neptune are doing their cosmic dance.

November 20, 2019 – Mercury goes direct – This can be as challenging as when it first goes retrograde.  Expect communication problems, technical snafus, travel issues, and other general annoyances to occur. Yet, also look forward to things slowly improving in time for the holidays.

Your Personal Mercury Retrograde

Read for both your sun sign and your rising sign, if you know it.  

Aries:  Mercury is going retrograde in your solar 8th house.  The 8th house is traditionally associated with death, taxes, and other people’s money. Mercury in Scorpio likes to dig deep and in the 8th house, it likes to dig even deeper.  You may notice that your conversations with others are more intense than normal including mysterious subjects that may intrigue you. Since Mercury is retrograde, joint finances may become an issue including coming up with a plan to make them better.

Taurus: Mercury is going retrograde in your solar 7th house. Relationships (of all sorts) will be your primary focus during Mercury retrograde.  Old partners may resurface and need to be dealt with or problems beneath the surface of your relationships may need to be addressed.  Further, this is not the best time for you to get involved with anyone new, so avoid investing in anyone that comes on the scene until Mercury goes direct on November 20th.

Gemini:  Mercury will retrograde in your solar 6th house.  You may need to put a watch on your tongue because you may be more critical than usual, and this could lead to complication and potential problems especially on the job or with work-related matters.  Since the 6th house governs our work environment, this would be a good time to resolve any long-standing issues and grievances – just remember to keep your ego out of it.

Cancer: Mercury will retrograde in your solar 5th house.  Traditionally, the 5th house governs children, romance, and casual sexual encounters.  I would recommend avoiding the later since Scorpio is associated with diseases, and who wants one of those?  However, it is a good time to explore your romantic life and whether you are getting your needs met out of your encounters. Issues with your children or children in general surface during this retrograde season.

Leo: Home is where the heart is, and this will prove to be true as Mercury retrogrades your solar 4th house.  You may feel the need to withdraw in order to recharge your batteries, and you may feel drained, both physically and emotionally. Issues surrounding your immediate family members may surface during this retrograde season, yet despite frustrations and annoyances, this gives you an opportunity to repair familial relationships. If problems from the past resurface, deal with them rationally and responsibly so that they no longer influence your future.

Virgo: Mercury will retrograde in your solar 3rd house. In astrology, Mercury naturally rules the 3rd house so you may feel the usual problems associated with the retrograde more intensely.  Worries and anxiety may leave you feeling scattered and your ability to focus may be limited during retrograde season.  It’s also recommended that you avoid travel because complications may occur. On a more positive note, this cycle could prove useful if you need to get facts and ideas together for business-related activities once Mercury goes direct on November 20th.  Make your plan so you can implement it effectively.

Libra: Mercury will retrograde in your solar 2nd house and financial concerns will walk onto the stage. This is a great time for you to analyze your financial situation and get a clear perspective on how to proceed moving forward.  Further, new financial investments or purchases are not recommended until Mercury goes direct.  If someone owes you money, they may be more likely to repay you this retrograde season or further delays could possibly occur.

Scorpio: Mercury will retrograde in your solar 1st house.  This retrograde season could prove to be more frustrating than usual.  You may feel deeply misunderstood and have difficulty expressing yourself to others, and this could lead to unwanted insecurities surfacing.  Since the 1st house governs how you see the world, Mercury being retrograde could lead to a fragmented view of reality. However, this is a positive time to explore yourself on deeper levels and reveal potentials that may ordinarily be hidden.

Sagittarius: Mercury will retrograde in your solar 12th house. Like your Leo brethren, retrograde season may be a time to withdraw and do some inner work. You may not feel the need to express yourself to others and may not want to be encumbered by other people’s problems or realities. Meditation and spiritual work are strongly recommended.  Further, avoid old grievances with adversaries during this retrograde cycle because nothing good will come out of dredging up the past.

Capricorn: Mercury will retrograde in your solar 11th house. In astrology, the 11th house is associated with friends and groups. During retrograde season you may need to look at your social network and decide if you are getting your needs met.  If your circle is not feeding any of your personal needs, then you may need to adjust them accordingly when Mercury goes direct.  Further, communications with friends and associates could prove to be problematic. Avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments throughout retrograde season.  Practice proaction rather than reaction.

Aquarius: Mercury will retrograde in your solar 10th house. In astrology, the 10th house governs career and reputation.  During this retrograde season, you may need to look at the current state of your career and make adjustments when they are necessary.  It may also be time to look at new career opportunities and changing positions, locations, or even your profession. However, do not make any abrupt changes because you may ultimately regret them or potentially damage your reputation.  Although it’s fine to plan during retrograde season, make changes after Mercury goes direct.

Pisces:  Ordinarily, Mercury in your solar 9th house tells you to look at the big picture rather than the day-to-day events or frustrations.  However, when retrograde season occurs in your 9th house, it’s time to take your eye off the prize and pay close attention to details that may prevent you from getting to your goal.  Additionally, at this time, you may feel more pessimistic and moodier than you usually would.  Avoid foreign travel if possible until Mercury goes direct on November 20th.

I hope you have an easy retrograde!


The Astrological Signs — Keywords

The Astrological Signs Pt. 4

Welcome back to Astro 101.  We have already covered gender, modality, and elements.  Now we are going to put them all together, which will give us some information about all the astrological signs.

Let’s begin with the fire signs…

The Element of Fire:

The element of fire consists of three signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.  Fire is concerned with potential and possibilities.  It is deeply intuitive and focused on what ‘could’ be rather than what is.  In fact, ‘what is’ is very mundane and boring for fiery types, and they attempt to avoid reality as much as possible.  This isn’t because the physical world is too much for them to deal with; it’s because the magical kingdom with dragons, prince and princesses, and a glamorous tomorrow is more palatable.   If positively expressed then fire is spontaneous, intuitive, creative, and magnanimous.  However, if fire is burning a bit too bright or is negatively expressed it can be egotistical, impatient, compulsive, and reckless.


Symbol:  The Ram
Natural House:  The First
Orientation:  Masculine
Modality:  Cardinal
Planetary Ruler:  Mars
Myth:  Jason and the Argonauts
Key Phrase: ‘I AM’

Positive Keywords:  initiating, daring, pioneering, energetic, enthusiastic, competitive
Challenging Keywords:  reckless, impulsive, irresponsible, impatient, combative, headstrong


Symbol:  The Lion
Natural House:  The Fifth
Orientation:  Masculine
Modality:  Fixed
Planetary Ruler:  The Sun
Myth:  Apollo
Key Phrase: ‘I WILL’

Positive Keywords:  self-confident, radiant, regal, self-expressive, creative, generous
Challenging Keywords:  prideful, vain, pompous, egocentric, melodramatic, spendthrift


Symbol:  The Archer
Natural House:  The Ninth
Orientation:  Masculine
Modality:  Mutable
Planetary Ruler:  Jupiter
Myth:  Zeus, Chiron
Key Phrase: ‘I UNDERSTAND’

Positive Keywords:  wise, aspiring, visionary, optimistic, exploring, adventurous
Challenging Keywords:  self-righteous, zealous, dogmatic, scattered, exaggerating, insensitive

The Element of Earth:

The element of earth consists of three signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.  Earth is the element that is concerned with concrete reality; the things that you can see feel and touch.  Earth is deeply sensual and often enjoys the finer things in life.  So, they are more than willing to get out the checkbook and spend big if it is on something they find beautiful or gives them pleasure.  Since earth is based on the ‘real’ world (whatever that is), it is often annoyed by speculation and risk-taking.  It likes to take the tried and true road because it is safe and secure, and they deeply fear to risk everything for the sake of momentary adventures.  If positively express then earth is practical, dependable, serious, and enduring. However, if earth is too bound to material structures then it is stubborn, rigid, materialistic, and inflexible.


Symbol:  The Bull
Natural House:  The Second
Orientation:  Feminine
Modality:  Fixed
Planetary Ruler:  Venus
Myth: Theseus and the Minotaur
Key Phrase: ‘I HAVE’

Positive Keywords:  earthy, practical, stable, reliable, patient, domestic
Challenging Keywords:  materialistic, possessive, stubborn, lazy, self-indulgent, uncontrolled appetites


Symbol:  The Virgin
Natural House:  The Sixth
Orientation:  Feminine
Modality:  Mutable
Planetary Ruler: Mercury
Myth:  The Rape of Persephone
Key Phrase: ‘I ANALYZE’

Positive Keywords:  practical, discriminating, meticulous, organized, helpful, economical
Challenging Keywords: petty, picky, judgmental, nitpicking, obsessive-compulsive, neurotic


Symbol:  The Goat
Natural House:  The Tenth
Orientation:  Feminine
Modality:  Cardinal
Planetary Ruler:  Saturn
Myth:  Chronos/Hera
Key Phrase: ‘I USE’

Positive Keywords:  cautious, responsible, conventional, perfectionist, hardworking, economical
Challenging Keywords:  domineering, fatalistic, stubborn, brooding, egotistic, status-seeking

The Element of Air:

The element of air consists of three signs:  Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.  Air is the element concerned with ideas. It rules the mind and everything that goes with it.  Air is concerned with putting things together into a strategic formula so that life is civilized, fair, and decent.  This element is the most connected to humans and its three signs are represented by symbols that are the most disconnected from the animal kingdom.  As a result, air finds emotions suspect and often used as a tool of manipulation and will detach themselves from these experiences if pushed.  This can lead to strained and difficult relationships.  If positively expressed air is mental, intellectual, communicative, and social.  However, if air flies up too high or is too detached from their emotions it can be wordy, gossipy, detached, and inconsistent.


Symbol:  The Twins
Natural House:  The Third
Orientation: Masculine.
Modality: Mutable
Planetary Ruler:  Mercury
Myth:  The Dioscuri
Key Phrase: ‘I THINK’

Positive Keywords:   intelligent, bright, rational, sociable, versatile, inventive
Challenging Keywords:  superficial, shallow, gossiping, nosy, inconsistent, high-strung


Symbol:  The Scales
Natural House:  The Seventh
Orientation:  Masculine
Modality:  Cardinal
Planetary Ruler:  Venus
Myth:  Judgment of Paris
Key Phrase: ‘I BALANCE’

Positive Keywords: relating, cooperative, balanced, fair, diplomatic, harmonious
Challenging Keywords:  dependent, indecisive, vacillating, overly delicate, gives away power to others, fence straddle


Symbol:  Water bearer
Natural House: The Eleventh
Orientation:  Masculine
Modality:  Fixed
Planetary Ruler:  Uranus (Saturn)
Myth:  Prometheus
Key Phrase: ‘I KNOW’

Positive Keywords:  reforming, independent, eccentric, unconventional, innovative, inventive
Challenging Keywords:  disorganized, anarchist, deviant, erratic, unpredictable

The Element of Water:

The Element of Water consists of three signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.   Water signs are the most elusive of all the elements and they thrive on emotions.  This means that relationships and connection to other people are highly important, and isolation and loneliness can be quite overwhelming.  They deeply fear to be alone and will often compromise their personal happiness to keep others close.  Although ideas and concepts are important to water signs, they will often feel that talk is cheap and that actions trump words.  If water is expressed positively then it is nurturing, emotional, receptive, and protecting.   If it is expressed negatively it can be overprotective, fearful, insecure, and dependent.


Symbol:  The Crab
Natural House:  The Fourth
Orientation:  Feminine
Modality:  Cardinal
Planetary Ruler:  The Moon
Myth:  Tethys and Achilles
Key Phrase: ‘I FEEL’

Positive Keywords:  emotional, sensitive, nurturing, domestic, patriotic, maternal
Challenging Keywords:  insecure, defensive, hypersensitive, smothering, overprotective, stuck in the past


Symbol:  The Scorpion
Natural House:  The Eighth
Orientation:  Feminine
Modality:  Fixed
Planetary Ruler:  Pluto (Mars)
Myth:  Perseus and Medusa
Key Phrase: ‘I TRANSFORM’

Positive Keywords:  regenerating, transforming, penetrating, erotic, mysterious, magnetic
Challenging Keywords:  power-hungry, obsessive, extremist, vindictive, deceptive, paranoid


Symbol:  The Fish
Natural House:  The Twelfth
Orientation:  Feminine
Modality:  Mutable
Planetary Ruler:  Neptune (Jupiter)
Myth:  Atargatis and Icthys
Key Phrase: ‘I BELIEVE’

Positive Keywords:  imaginative, idealistic, visionary, compassionate, empathic, sacrificing
Challenging Keywords:  chaotic, impractical, delusional, self-destructive, addictive, misunderstood

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The Astrological Signs Pt 4

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Scorpio Season — Newsflash — It’s NOT Just for Scorpios

scorpioseasonSo, I remember when I was a teenager, one of my favorite music videos was Thriller by Michael Jackson. (I’ve put a link to it on YouTube below, in case you live under a rock and have never seen it)

All those zombies, ghouls, and creatures of the night were simply fascinating; not to mention, the creepiness of Vincent Price.

Now, 30+ years later, I am still mesmerized by horrors and hauntings, but for different reasons.

You see, all these nocturnal aberrations are alive and well and living in the subterranean realm of the sign of Scorpio.

And, guess what?  It’s Scorpio Season!

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