Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – May 26, 2021

Lights, camera, action!  Guess what?  It’s eclipse season, and the following month is a blockbuster-filled cosmic event that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. So, get your popcorn ready the show begins on May 26th at 7:14 AM EDT.

On Wednesday, the blood moon lunar eclipse (a fancy power-packed Full Moon) occurs at 5 degrees of Sagittarius. For those of you with planets in Gemini or Sagittarius, this eclipse may have a more substantial impact, so stay on your toes!

Now, whenever I think about the sign of Sagittarius, I think of epic action films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark or Lara Croft. It’s big, bold, and filled with adventure and intrigue. Sagittarius is grand theater and reflects our quest for meaning that is greater than the lives that we live in the real world.  It’s the epic superhero motif complete with ‘justice’ that Sagittarius loves. After all, superheroes need a villain they can defeat to make things right in the world.  

Being a fire sign, Sagittarius wants to inspire, think outside the box, and provide us with the potentials and possibilities of a better tomorrow.  More simply, the energy of Sagittarius is about having faith in something good to believe in once again.

But what about this eclipse business?

The Anatomy of an Eclipse:

Twice a year, we enter into eclipse season.  An eclipse occurs when a lunation (that’s a new or full moon) conjoins the lunar nodes.  They happen approximately every six months.  Eclipses are supercharged New or Full Moons and are significant when considering transits and progressions because they often act as triggers for slow-moving planetary transits.

This Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is an eclipse that involves the South Node.  In transformational astrology, the nodal axis reflects energies that we need to incorporate into our lives (North Node) and energies we need to let go of to remove potential obstacles (South Node). Since this eclipse is in Sagittarius, Sagittarian themes are what we need to release.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

As I mentioned above, the sign of Sagittarius is about meaning, and one of the areas that most of our personal meaning comes from is our beliefs.  Beliefs are tricky because they are as individualistic as our fingerprints.  Many of us have similar ideas, but they have an individual overlay, and like most things, change over time.

During this eclipse, we may need to test our beliefs and let go of ones that no longer have meaning or release ones that are no longer of personal use. In many ways, we can view this as the end of one storyline and the beginning of a new one, or more simply put, for the new to emerge (usually during a New Moon cycle), we need to release the old.

So, a proactive way of using this eclipse is to take some time to look at your beliefs, let go of the ones that are no longer useful, and begin a new quest to find new ones that resonate with the person you are now.

Jupiter, Lord of the Eclipse:

Another thing to consider is Jupiter. Jupiter is not only the ruler of Sagittarius, but he is also the Lord of the Eclipse, and he is currently in the sign he rules, Pisces.

I’ve mentioned in other forecasts that Jupiter in Pisces has to do with dreams, not the ones we have at night while sleeping (although eclipses may trigger those), but our aspirations and ideals. Since Jupiter is in square to the eclipse, one of the issues that may surface is that our beliefs may not align with our dreams, and to level up, we need to modify them to manifest what we desire.

Hopefully, this gives you at least some food for thought and helps you work with this eclipse productively. It is also essential that you take care of yourself during eclipse season because the energies can be difficult on the body. Eat good foods, drink plenty of water, move your body, and get lots of rest.

Your Personal Eclipse:

The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Sagittarius, and we all have the sign of Sagittarius in our charts through the astrological houses. If you know your chart, then you can locate what house the eclipse occurs in and add another layer of meaning.  I will break down the eclipse based on your solar houses for those of you who do not know your rising sign.  However, if you know your rising sign, you can read that for additional insight.

Aries:   The need to let go of beliefs and idealisms that may be limiting your personal growth.

Taurus: The need to let go of financial obligations or debt that are continuing to cause you stress and worry.

Gemini: The need to let go of relationships or business partnerships that have become toxic or codependent.

Cancer: The need to let go of habits and rituals that no longer add to your day-to-day life or overall well-being.

Leo: The need to let go of self-esteem issues that keep you from expressing your creative talents and individual expression.

Virgo: The need to let go of familial ties that are unhealthy and that bind you to tribal biases that prevent you from embracing a larger worldview.

Libra: The Need to let go of concepts, opinions, or prejudices that are limiting your interaction and sharing ideas with others.

Scorpio: The need to let go of attachments to money and physical possessions that are blocking your ability to be prosperous.

Sagittarius: The need to let go of self-importance and personal entitlements that are complicating your relationships with others.

Capricorn: The need to let go of past grievances so that you can focus on building a future you can control.

Aquarius: The need to let go of friends and associates you have outgrown or groups that offer you little value.

Pisces: The need to let go of social standing and your fear of the opinion of others and focus on becoming a unique individual.

Happy Eclipse!

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