Cosmic Weather Forecast – April 8, 2019 – April 14, 2019

So, I recently had a client that went through some extreme circumstances and during a coaching session, she asked me what was the psychological reason for experiences, in general?

I am sure that we have all asked ourselves this question at one point or another, and since there are astrological contributors this week that may bring about difficult experiences, I figured that I would attempt to answer it here.

Let me first say that I believe that the astrological chart describes a natural unfoldment of potential that is triggered by transits, progressions, and other astrological prognosticative tools, that provide opportunities for the chart to manifest and the individual to become a well-rounded individual.  The experiences we have, as a result of our natal chart, bring triggered, whether for good or ill, helps to navigate this unfoldment process.  Secondly, I believe that awareness of the daily astrological energies gives us the ability to consciously integrate astrological energies and make them useful in our lives, which is the point of transformational astrology. Experiences, triggered by astrological factors, serve the overall pattern that ultimately allows us to develop according to the natural laws that are essentially part of our inner design or plan.

Now, the reason this question is pertinent to this week’s astrology is that the Sun makes difficult aspects to both astrological ‘bad boys,’ Saturn (4/10) and Pluto (4/13).  The Sun is the governing body of the chart and when the Sun undergoes difficulties, then we usually experience them in the outer world first, through our experiences, and then we experience them inwardly by internally processing experiences and ultimately making changes when necessary.  In the case of Saturn, frustrations and limitations may lead to depression or feeling stymied and restricted.  In the case of Pluto, feelings of being controlled or dominated by outside influences may feel overwhelming, and at times, terrifying.  However, both planets, whether we like it or not, serve a purpose.  Saturn tells us to be dutiful and responsible; whereas Pluto tells us to release everything that is no longer usable or is preventing our further development.  The good news is that when you work with these two planets, you bring out their productive natures and ultimately feel more secure, stable, and your life transforms into what you want it to be.

In other cosmic news, Jupiter has been moving through Sagittarius since late last year, and this week will begin its annual retrograde cycle.  Jupiter in Sagittarius is about our beliefs and understanding of life, and a future that is filled with potential and creative possibilities that are better than what we have now.  So, when Jupiter goes retrograde (4/10) it reflects a cycle when we should question and review our core beliefs to see whether they are still useful.  If they are not, then you are given an opportunity to explore new beliefs and ideas that may resonate with who you are now.  This allows you to pursue life with more freedom and develop your true potential.  Jupiter remains retrograde until August 11th.

Now, on with the forecast…

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Moon spends the bulk of the day in earthy Taurus.  Avoid making firm decisions or sign any documents until after 5:15 PM EST when the Moon moves into airy Gemini.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Moon spends its first full day in Gemini and forms a couple of tough aspects to Venus and Neptune.  You may be confused about your thoughts and feelings throughout the day.  Try to avoid being consumed by your emotions or reacting to them.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wednesday is the biggest day of the week as the planets form three aspects (I covered Sun square Saturn already) and Jupiter goes retrograde.  So, buckle your seatbelt, it’s about to get turbulent.

During the early morning hours, Venus is going to conjoin Neptune in Pisces.  These two planets together can influence your relationships and you need to be aware of the tendency to idealize your partner to the point that they are no longer human.  This can lead to difficulties because the more idealized your relationships, the easier it is for you to become disappointed by their human failings later.   On a more positive note, Venus conjoined Neptune allows you to be more compassionate and empathic towards others, especially those that come in need.  However, stay guarded because people could easily take advantage of you.

Later Wednesday evening, Mercury forms a beneficial aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.  Mercury-Pluto aspects bring out your inner detective and if you have a problem that needs to be solved, you can use this aspect to do so because it’s easier to get to the truth and find positive resolutions.  Further, Mercury sextile Pluto is a great time to get to know yourself better and facilitate positives changes in your life.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Moon moves through emotional Cancer throughout the day, which will make you feel more sensitive to people around you.  It’s a good day to stay close to home because exposure to other people’s energies may make you feel anxious or exhausted.  During the morning hours, the Moon sextiles Uranus, expect the unexpected to occur.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday is a positive day and if you need to get stuff done, it would be the day to do it.  Mercury forms an aspect to beneficial Jupiter, which should uplift your spirits and your outlook on life should be more positive than the rest of the week.  This will allow you to tie up any loose ends that need to be completed.  It’s also a good day for business activities with Venus forming a lovely sextile to Saturn.  On the relationship front, Venus sextile Saturn allows you to understand what it is that you need out of your relationships, and conversely what your partner needs, as well. Use this energy to let go of personal agendas and give the best that you can to those you care about.

The Weekend

Although Saturday will be troublesome with the Sun forming a difficult square to Pluto, Sunday we are given a cosmic assist that should lighten our moods when The Sun trines Jupiter.  Sun trine Jupiter is one of the most positive days of the year, so make sure that you take advantage of this energy by having some fun.  Sometimes we take life too seriously when juggling day-to-day responsibilities, and we often need to find balance by letting loose and letting our inner child play for a while.

On Sunday evening, Venus forms an easy aspect to transformative Pluto.  Your view of relationships may be deeper and more complex than normal.  It’s a good time to analyze how you feel in your relationships, and how you can make changes to improve them on a deeper level.

See you next week…

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