Cosmic Weather Forecast – November 19, 2018 – November 25, 2018

So, have you noticed that people’s attitudes change during the holiday season?  The bitterness and divisiveness of the midterm elections fade away, and hope and good will towards man emerges; although, one could claim it is because of the rum-laced goodies.  However, the answer is explained through astrology because the bulk of the holiday season happens during Sagittarius season, which by the way, begins this week.

In Kabbalah, Sagittarius season is the month of miracles.  The word for Sagittarius in Aramaic means rainbow, and of course, biblically the rainbow is associated with the story of Noah’s Ark.  After the great deluge (Scorpio), God creates a rainbow as a spiritual force that counterbalances judgment.  So, the regeneration and transformation that occurs while the Sun is in Scorpio are replaced by a rainbow, the symbol of hope and new beginnings.

Now ‘miracles’ is a curious word.  Many religious philosophies believe it is something granted without any form of effort, like a cosmic lotto.  But there is much more to miracles than simply coincidence. The mystical sages teach us that by connecting with the natural laws of the universe, you create your own miracles, which is receiving to share with others and being compassionate rather than judgmental.  Essentially miracles, like the word luck, are fundamentally Jupiterian (ruler of Sagittarius), and are created by understanding the natural laws of the universe, to tap into your intuition so that you can make the most of opportunities.

Welcome to Sagittarius season! Now, on with the forecast…

Monday, November 19, 2018

Thanksgiving week begins with the week’s only major aspect – Mars square Jupiter.  Mars square Jupiter is an energy powerhouse, so you will need to pay attention to everything around you, especially since this aspect is known to be accident prone.

Both Mars and Jupiter are fiery planets, and they tend to focus on the future rather than the present because potential and possibility are all that matters.  Mars-Jupiter aspects are good for project planning, examining goals, and aspiring to be better than you are now, but they are also impulsive, and its best to try to curb reckless behaviors as much as possible.  Additionally, try not to push yourself too much because fires rage, but they also burn out, and so may you.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Moon moves through Aries continuing the potent energy from Monday.  There will be some minor hiccups when the Moon opposes Venus and Uranus.

During the morning hours, difficulties with others may occur, especially if they thwart you from getting what you want.  Try to avoid confrontation for now because Mars square Uranus could inflame the situation beyond control.  Later Tuesday afternoon, the Moon will conjoin Uranus, and you may feel anxious and on edge.  The good news is that the Moon quickly moves into Taurus and thorny emotions calm down.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 After two raucous days, the Moon in Taurus should settle things down rather smoothly.  Wednesday is a great day for business with the Moon forming a lovely trine to Saturn. On Wednesday evening, the Moon forms another beneficial aspect, this time to Neptune, so it’s a great evening to rest and relax before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 22, 2018

Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde, and communication snafus are bound to happen.  However, during the early morning hours, the Sun moves into festive Sagittarius, which should keep the mood positive.  The Moon moves through Taurus, so your dinner should be delicious, and you can even have some guilt-free seconds and an extra slice of pumpkin pie.  Save some cheesecake for me!

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Full Moon occurs on Friday in Gemini, the sign of the twins.  New Moons are the astrological time of the month to bring in the new, and Full Moons augur getting rid of the old, based on the Moon’s sign.  The main theme of Gemini is communication and thinking because essentially Gemini is a mental sign.

The Full Moon in Gemini will show you the areas of your life where communication may be difficult or problematic, which is amplified by Mercury retrograde.  So, pay close attention over the next few days because areas that need focus will come to your attention rather clearly.  The Full Moon in Gemini is a powerful time to remove blocks between yourself and others; after all, the main purpose for communication is to develop relationships.

Friday is also the biggest shopping day of the year.  The Moon moves through Gemini, but forms only challenging aspects, which could make shopping lines long and aggravating. You might be wise to leave shopping for another day.

The Weekend:

If you saved black Friday shopping until the weekend, Saturday is decent.  Although the Moon remains in Gemini, it forms a lovely trine to Venus in Libra.  Libra loves peace and harmony, so engaging with other shoppers will be more comfortable.

On Sunday, the Moon moves into emotional cancer, and the comfort of your home may be your best bet. After an intense week, a day of relaxation may be in order.

Happy Thanksgiving!  See you next week.

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