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Your Daily Dose – December 5, 2016 – Void Moon in Aquarius

voidmoonToday, we get an astrological day off because the Moon will spend most of the day void of course in Aquarius.

The void of course Moon is a little tricky because it reflects a period when any activity performed will result to nothing.



Nothing comes of the matter.

During this the void of course Moon it is not recommended to sign documents, make firm plans or agreements, or start anything new.

The void of course Moon is a great time to do something where the results are non-consequential.  For example, it is a great time to send in your tax returns because the chances of you being audited is minimized.  This is an opportune time to have difficult conversations where you would like the reaction to be minimal or non-existent. So, if you want to avoid arguments, now would be the time to do so because regardless of the reactions, minimal lasting results will occur.

Be amazing.