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Astro 101 — The Astrological Signs — Part 1: Gender in the Horoscope

dreamstime_xs_28715024Astrology 101 – An Introduction to the Astrological Signs (Part 1)

In our last lesson we learned about the astrological planets and now is time that we move on to the second ingredient to prepare for interpretation which is the astrological signs.  Additionally, everyone can get a copy of their horoscope which you can get for free on my website.   If you do not understand the chart, you can always check out the tutorial that I created to help you understand your horoscope.

The section on the Astrological Signs will be divided into 4 parts.

The Agenda:

Part 1: Gender – Do signs have sexes?

Part 2: Element – What are the astrological elements?

Part 3: Orientation – What are the three astrological orientations?

Part 4: Putting it All Together

So, grab your coffee, tea, or a nice beverage and get ready because there is a lot to cover.  I would suggest reading over these sections slowly as we begin to add layers and nuance to your astrological knowledge.

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