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Psychological Model of the Psyche

dreamstime_xs_27780980My purpose for writing this article is to provide knowledge of the use of the astrological horoscope as a self-help tool or to begin to study astrology in order to use it professionally.   As I have stated, it is my opinion that the horoscope is the best self-help tool that we can use to make great and lasting change in our lives. Further, I believe that it is probably the most powerful psychological tool that a therapist can use – despite the (still) archaic belief that the horoscope is the past time of those who live in a fantasy world, yet those with a cynical understanding of astrology pour over their own psychological models and maps that are similar in structure.

In order to learn how to use astrology in a more reflective (as well as interpretive) capacity will require us to learn some new terms.  Since the type of psychology that I study is more Jungian in nature, I will be using Jungian terms and models throughout this class.   However, I would like to mention that the Jungian model is not the ONLY model.   There are many other areas of psychology, such as Freudian and Adlerian that have their own psychological models and own languages.   The Jungian model is simply a starting point to give you some understanding of how the psyche works and operates, yet I encourage the study of other psychological models and theories.

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