Astrological Forecast for October 2018


Your Astrological Forecast for October 2018.

Can you smell it?

The leaves are changing colors; jack-o-lanterns and spooky scenes fill the streets. A cool breeze is in the air, and the unpredictable cosmic weather of the summer is over.

It’s official.  October is here!

I mean the summer was a whirlwind of eclipses, retrograde planets, intensive planetary aspects and one of the hottest summer seasons on record, and with that, you have a recipe for unpleasantness.  So, we can now sit down and sip our pumpkin spice lattes and devour decadent apple cider donuts and breathe a sigh of relief.

Well, not so fast…

October has its own set of curious cosmic energies!

First off, Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of her detriment.  Venus has to do with relationships and money.  So, while Venus is retrograde, she will test our relationships and finances.  While in the sign of the Scorpion, the dirty secrets in our relationships that we would rather keep hidden, will come to the surface and be exposed to the light of day.  Shaky relationships will go through the wringer, and many may end or become irreparably damaged.

Additionally, financial matters, universally and personally, may be troubling, and this would include stocks, bonds, savings, and loans.  Venus continues to be tied up in a difficult configuration with Mars and Uranus, which will shake things up and nothing will be consistent.  Keep an eye on the financial news because changes could happen quickly.

Mercury is the most aspected planet in October, and on the 9th he leaves balanced Libra and joins Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio.  Mercury in Scorpio gives us the ability to dive deep, and we can resolve problems that may have been difficult to resolve previously.  Mercury, in this secretive sign, is like a private investigator, and he keeps seeking information until he gets to the root of the matter.  Mercury conjoins Venus retrograde on the 15th, which will give insight into difficulties within relationships.

The other big cosmic newsmaker of October is the new and full moons that occur in Libra and Taurus.  Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus retrograde.  Generally speaking, the New Moon in Libra is useful to infuse relationships with new energy and the Full Moon in Taurus lets us do intention work around financial debt.  So, make the most of these cosmic magical moments.

Now, on with your monthly forecasts:

Aries:  Everything this month circles back to your career and your position in the world.  Your reputation matters and this month it’s going to come full circle. You may need to repair any friendships or relationships that have been broken to clean up your side of the street and clear the slate.  Venus goes retrograde in your solar 8th house, and past relationship secrets may come flying out of your closet forcing you to re-examine your motives and your agenda.

Career: Your career may move slower than you would like, but there are plenty of opportunities for you to shine.  Do not overlook the importance of your network because they may prove important around mid-month.

Love:  The Sun is moving through your solar 7th house for most of the month and brings emphasis to your relationships. Beware of power-plays around the 12th of the month when the Sun tangles with Pluto. Relationships are about balance and harmony, give and take, not a scene from the ’50 shades of kra-kra’.

Money:  The Full Moon occurs in your solar 2nd house conjoined to disruptive Uranus.  Financial issues may surface around the end of the month that is unexpected, and Venus retrograde in your house of debt could make matters worse.  Make sure you have a firm handle on your fiscal perspective – some discipline may be necessary.


This month focuses on two main themes – organizing your day to day life and your relationships. The Sun spends most of the month in your solar 6th house and will shine light on your habits and day-to-day living.  You will be forced to look at how your schedule works for you or whether it needs to be more accommodating to the ‘other’ people in your life.  Your planetary ruler, Venus, goes retrograde on the 7th and relationship issues may surface. Try to work with them proactively rather than reactively by being stubborn and inflexible.  The Full Moon on the 24th gives you an opportunity to let go of behavioral patterns that are no longer useful, and with the Full Moon conjoined to Uranus, some of them may surprise you.

Career:  There is a ton of energy in your career sector, and you should take advantage of it.  Focus on big-picture issues rather than the small stuff. The New Moon on the 8th could present new opportunities that you should take advantage of, even if it requires letting some things go.

Love:  Relationship questions will emerge this month as Venus goes retrograde. You may need to look at whether your relationships are thriving or just existing. Be careful of arguments mid-month because you may not be able to recover from them.

Money:  Finances should be decent even though Mercury (your money ruler) is rather hyper this month. October 12th is a great day to solidify any business plans and is great for making purchases.  Towards the end of the month, there is an opportunity for you to make a bit of extra cash.  And, who doesn’t like a bit of that?


It’s going to be an active month with your planetary ruler bouncing from planet to planet, but you will enjoy the action and won’t feel tied down to a day-to-day humdrum existence. However, the Full Moon in the 12th may force you to confront past emotional issues that may be holding you back and continuing to stuff them in the closet will not be an option. The rest of the month will focus on your creative juices flowing and flowing and flowing. October is your month to begin big projects that not only stimulate your mind but may prove to be profitable. Pay close attention to the end of the month when your ruler Mercury buddies up to Jupiter because you will have an opportunity to shine bright like a diamond. Okay, now I won’t be able to get Rihanna out of my head for days.

Career: Jupiter is finishing up his year-long tour through your work-oriented 6th house. It may be time for you to make the leap from a job/career that is stagnant and find something more stimulating or perhaps plan a business of your own.  The middle of the month’s cosmic energies may stir up your angst, which forces you to the next level. Expect positive news (and opportunities) towards the end of the month that may change everything.

Love: Your love planet (also Jupiter) is moving through your solar 6th house along with Venus retrograde. It’s time for you to look at how you function in relationships on a day-to-day basis and your relationship habits may surface towards the middle of the month.  Although October is not a great month for new relationships, the New Moon in your romantic 5th house could spawn some interesting action.

Money:  Your money ruler begins the month in your solar first house. And, although you may not be 100% happy with your finances, they should be stable. You may need to make some minor tweaks to your financial spending, but it is ok if you want to splurge on some bling-bling.  Towards the middle of the month, new money may make its way into your checkbook, which will keep your mind flowing.


As the Sun scoots into your security-oriented fourth house, do not be surprised if you have the urge to nest. After all, there is nothing that apple cider with cinnamon can’t cure. But, seriously, the home and hearth are what matter to you now, and since the New Moon occurs in your solar 4th house, purchasing real estate is something you could consider.  However, be careful to stay within your budget range with Venus going retrograde in your 5th house of gambling. The Full Moon lands in your 11th house on the 24th, and it’s tied to Uranus.  October is a great time to focus on friendships and your network because they may bring some much-needed excitement into your life.

Career:  Tensions may be high this month with your career ruler Mars in your solar 8th house. This martial planet often makes you feel a bit controlled and stifled – especially towards the middle of the month when Mars tangles with Venus retrograde and your creativity feels thwarted by others. To avoid these frustrations, you may want to keep a low profile and shine under more favorable energies.

Love: The most important thing for you this month is finding security and safety in your relationships. Your love life might move forward slowly, but slow and steady will ultimately win the race.  If you are currently single, it’s time to figure out what you want and need out of your relationships because the end of the month is favorable for solid romantic encounters, but do not begin anything official until after Venus goes direct in November.

Money: Your financial ruler this month is in your solar 4th house.  You may have unexpected house expenses and repairs around the 12th.  However, the end of the month your finances lighten up, and your overall picture will improve. If someone owes you money, you may receive payment before Halloween.


October is all about thoughts and ideas that stimulate you intellectually and creatively. You may find yourself attracted to like-minded individual to share opinions, information, and beliefs that inspire you internally. This dovetails into the middle of the month when the Sun tangles with Pluto. Old habits that you have held onto, well past there sell by date, may need to be torn down and replaced with new ones that are more viable.  Finally, the Full Moon at the end of the month lands in your career-oriented 10th house, which could bring forth sudden changes.

Career:  October is not the best month on the career front. Unfortunately, Venus is retrograde in your security-oriented 4th house, and your career may not feel like such a safe place. Altercations with others may force you to question your position and whether you should seek something new.  New opportunities could present themselves towards the end of the month when the Sun and Venus meet up in Scorpio.

Love: Your love life is sure to heat up this month with sexy Mars moving through your 7th house.  Mars in Aquarius likes to change things up and bring in some spontaneity to add just a little bit of extra spice.  However, arguments towards the middle of the month (Mars likes to fight) are handled best with some emotional regulation and proactive behavior.  However, if all else fails, at least the sex will be good.

Money: Your money ruler, Mercury, moves through your 3rd and 4th houses this month.  The beginning of the month may push you towards discovering new ways to make money.  Once Mercury moves into Scorpio (October 9th), you may have the urge to spend some money on home improvements or items to spruce up on your home.  Everyone deserves a bit of comfort, don’t they?


October is your money month since the Sun and Mercury are moving through your financial sector.  It’s time to be honest about your financial picture, not because they are difficult or overly frustrating, but as a bridge to tomorrow.  In fact, with Venus retrograde in your solar 3rd house, you may discover new ways to manage your finances more effectively.  Otherwise, like your Gemini cousins, your solar ruler (Mercury) makes numerous aspects, that will keep October moving and far from boring.

Career:  The Moon begins the month in your career-oriented 10th house, which could reflect changes on the horizon – especially mid-month when cosmic forces make situations easier, and obstacles that have thwarted you in the past are no longer problematic. Conflicts with others may occur mid-month, but with Mercury joining forces with Jupiter on the 29th, you will see that your angels are on your side and conspiring in your favor.

Love: Jupiter, your love planet, is moving through your 3rd house. You have ideas about love but may have problems manifesting them or are unable to sacrifice the time to participate in it.  Venus being retrograde only complicates matters by forcing you to be more introspective and less social.  Take some time to slow down and smell the roses.  Spend some time with your significant other (or other close relationships), especially towards the end of the month, when Mercury and Jupiter meet up in sexy Scorpio.

Money:  This month’s lunations (New and Full Moon) provide you with a powerful opportunity to do financial intention work.  The New Moon lands in your financial sector, and it’s a great time to attract financial prosperity.  Later in the month, the Full Moon lands in your big-picture 9th house in Taurus.  The Full Moon conjoined to Uranus gives you sudden flashes of insight.  In this case, you may need to quit looking at your big picture plans and focus on day-to-day living.  Learn to take things one step at a time.


October is a supercharged month for you – especially when it is smack dab in the middle of Libra season. First off, it’s all about you with the Sun moving through your 1st house, and you find yourself center stage.  Now is a great time to plot out your goals for the next year. Secondly, Venus, your solar ruler will turn retrograde in your 2nd house. You will re-evaluate what you value over the next month, shedding the old and embracing the new. As we grow older and more experienced, our values change, and we need to incorporate new ones. Later this month you can use the energy of the Full Moon to let go of any values or belief systems that are no longer of use to you.

Career:  Big picture issues are one of the primary concerns around career this month. You may need to create a plan of action to move to the next level, and what better time to do it than with the beneficial Sun shining down on you. New creative projects may happen during the middle of the month that give you a sense of purpose.  Finally, new opportunities could present themselves as Mercury conjoins Jupiter and travel may be included.

Love:  Romance and pleasure are activated this month as Mars moves through your solar 5th house.  So, opportunities to connect will be available. However, tensions may occur during the middle of the month when Mars picks a fight with Venus retrograde. This may force you to consider how you feel about your relationships.

Money:  Your financial picture may feel blocked this month but realize that the cosmos is setting you up for a better future. Although 2018, is a better overall financial year for you, you may need to evaluate how you are spending your money.  The Full Moon in your solar 8th house is a great time to eliminate debt through active intention work.


This month is going to be high on the intense meter, so you may want to stock up on the herbal teas. Mars, your solar ruler, is in your family-oriented 4th house, where he tends to be a bit contentious, and at times, argumentative, especially with Mars only making difficult aspects throughout the month.  Past family issues may resurface causing a bit of tension, hence the need for the herbal teas. Venus retrograde occurs in your solar 1st house, which means you may need to focus on yourself and adjust areas of your life that are no longer working.

Career:  Past career issues may resurface with the Sun moving through your 12th house.  Problems can make you feel imprisoned by your job, which could reach the boiling point during the middle of the month.  The good news is that the Sun does not linger in a sign for long, so improvement will occur towards the end of the month when we enter Scorpio season.  You may need to take some time to decide if your current career path is right for you.  If you decide to make changes, the 26th and 27th are the best days to make your move.

Love:  Relationships are an issue with Venus retrograde ruling your solar 7th house.  These issues could amplify problems lurking beneath the surface that are ready to burst into the light of day. On a good note, the Full Moon on the 24th gives you an opportunity to do some intention work on removing negative issues from your relationships and cleaning the slate.

Money – Your financial situation should be stable throughout the month.  Moreover, positive financial news will come knocking on the 29th.  Make sure to buy yourself something special because everyone deserves a treat now and then.


Compassion and caring for others are going to be your primary focus because people (including family and friends) are going to be in need. Of course, because of your innate spiritual nature, it will be hard to turn people away.  The New Moon occurs in your solar 11th house, and new friendships and associates will arrive on the scene.  Also, you can use this New Moon to do “hopes and wishes” intention work.  In other words, this month you can create whatever you desire if you are willing to work for it. Mars moving through solar 3rd house instructs you to watch your tongue, even when you are bated by others.

Career: Working with others will be important as Mercury moves through your solar 11th house. It’s important to build your network because it will prove important in the future.  Mercury conjoins Jupiter on the 29th when expansion of your career knocks on your door, possibly from a connection to the past.

Love:  Relationships are hot and heavy throughout October, and those that have felt stagnant will begin to move to the next level.  If you are currently single, Mercury (your love ruler), lands in your house of friends where you may find someone special. Otherwise, enjoy the energy!

Money:  You are in a two-year cycle working towards financial stability and October should keep you on track. Financial investments that you have nurtured may prove to pay off and now would be a good time to consider selling them. Later this month, money that you have forgotten, may make its way back into your wallet.


Creating your best life and getting to the top of your game is important now.  Becoming the best you may include opportunities for more education and long-distance travel.  Moreover, your friends and associates may prove valuable assets in achieving your goals.  The New Moon in the 10th house on October 8th could present new opportunities, and it’s a powerful time for you to do ‘success’ based intention work.  You are currently in a potent seed level of your life, plant your garden accordingly.

Career:  The Sun is moving through your career sector and shines a light on new opportunities that come to fruition this month, especially if you have felt conflicted about your career trajectory. Venus retrograde could cause you to question your business relationships, and you may end some and begin others. The end of the month could prove pivotal, so watch events that occur at that time.

Love:  Relationships will take a back seat to career throughout October. You will probably feel married to your job, at times. Although you may be attracted to people you work with, try to avoid fraternizing.  As the saying goes, you should never bring sand to the beach.  The Full Moon on October 24th could open a bit of romance.  Don’t take anything seriously until Venus goes direct in November.

Money:  Finances should be good to go with your money ruler in its sign.  You can expect this trend to continue.  Mars in your 2nd house could open several new financial ventures that will make you feel more secure and satisfied with your life. However, be wary of spending money around mid-month.  It’s best to think twice before making large purchases.


There is a general aura of ambivalence around you, which may lead to you questioning many areas of your life.  Venus retrograde in your solar 10th house forces you to question your career and your associates. Your uncertainty will be highlighted mid-month when Venus confronts the war god, Mars.  It may be time for you to make your move but confusion about which path to take may leave you feeling stuck.  The Universe gives you a cosmic assist on the 8th, when the New Moon lands in your ‘big picture’ 9th house, giving you the opportunity to do clarity intention work.  Finally, the Full Moon lands in your solar 4th house and unexpected family issues that have been brewing beneath the surface may leave you dealing with a mess.

Career:  Your career planet, Mars, and Venus retrograde make your career a major focus throughout October, especially since they both tangle mid-month. Career frustrations may become apparent and increasing tensions with others are possible.  The good news is that new career options may be presented towards the end of the month when Mercury conjoins Jupiter.

Love:  Looking at your relationship ‘big picture’ is your love theme this month.  You may need to examine whether you are getting your needs met, emotionally and physically. As I said, in your general outlook, the New Moon in the 9th opens the door for clarity, and this may include a clear understanding of your love life.

Money: Although you should watch your spending throughout October, there are opportunities to bring in extra money towards the end of the month, and a new creative side hustle may present itself. Otherwise, keep on pressing forward because I’ll have great financial news for you next month.


Are you going to take the safe road or fight for your beliefs? This will be your theme for October, especially towards the end of the month when four planets in Scorpio move through your solar 9th house of beliefs. Events may occur that you make you question your ideas, thoughts, and opinions that you have developed over the last few years and you will shelf your intuitive hunches to seek out hard-core facts.  Just remember, that it is okay to be wrong, and okay to move on!  Towards the end of the month, someone will enter your life that changes everything when the Full Moon occurs in your solar 3rd house conjoins ‘shock and awe’ Uranus.

Career:  If your career has taken a backseat to your ideas and options, you may be on a course correction after learning difficult financial news.  However, October 29th may prove to be an important day for decisions when Mercury conjoins Jupiter, your career planet.

Love:  Your love life may feel like it is on a roller-coaster as Mercury (your love planet) moves from planet to planet changing the energy quickly and distinctly. Some days will be good and others downright miserable.  The beginning of the month may bring tense conversations and potentially unwanted ultimatums that will continue through the 19th.  However, things will turn around towards the end of the month; if you are honest about the state of your life and whether certain focuses are disrupting your relationships, and not just your romantic ones.

Money:  As I said in your career forecast, bad financial news may result in a course correction mid-month when Mars (your money ruler) tangles with Venus retrograde.  Mars is moving through your solar 12th house, which is the house of self-undoing and Venus rules your 3rd house of communication.  You should question whether your opinions are influencing your bottom line.

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