It’s Back to School Time + Exercise 1

back-to-school1It’s Back to School Time…

I remember my favorite time as a child was getting ready to go back to school.  All those new pens, paper, glue, crayons, trapper keeps, spiral notebooks – it was the best fun for me.  It was like Christmas in September.  Now as a teacher, it is equally enthusiastic for me!  I am excited to teach a class as it gives me the opportunity to use all the items that I desperately cherished and are old reliable friends to me.

Although you do not need any materials for the class, I do suggest that you study with whatever supplies make you the happiest.   There will be journaling and written exercises to help you grasp the material easier.   For me, part of the fun of learning any new subject is materials to make the experience unique.  I hope that you make this experience uniquely your own and that you have fun doing so.

Storm’s Suggested Class Supplies

1. Composition or Spiral Notebook
2. Colored Markers
3. Pens and Pencils
4. Glue Stick
5. Any other supplies that make you happy!  Get all crazy and have a good time with it.

So, are you guys up for a pre-class exercise?

Exercise 1:   Free Writing

Get out a pen and notebook.   Nobody is going to see your exercise, so be as honest as possible.  For 3-5 minutes write everything you can think of about yourself.  What qualities do you like about yourself?  What qualities do you dislike?   What makes you happy?  What motivates you?  What are you afraid of?   What makes you feel awkward?   Write down as much as you can in 3 minutes.   Do not edit, do not stop writing, just a continuous flow of thought is required here.

We will use this in the future as we start to learn more about your astrology chart.



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