Your Daily Dose – December 8, 2016 – Moon in Aries

It’s that time of the month where everything really is about you.

For real. I’m not joking.

Now, I don’t mean in a selfish way. I mean it is the time of the month when the Moon moves into Aries and our focus shifts away from everyone else and back on ourselves in a self-improving and self-affirming sort of way.

In fact, focusing solely on yourself selfishly could lead to difficulties and frustrations, and who really wants to deal with that?

The Moon in Aries can be impatient, impulsive, and a bit self-focused when its energies are expressing negatively, but it’s also a valuable tool for us to put our lives into perspective and go after what we desire.   This is a good time to start or initiate new projects, tackle tasks that are challenging, and achieve our goals.

So, if you have put anything off that needs to be completed before the New Year arrives, now would be the time to do it – especially since Mercury does turn retrograde on December 19th.

The Moon makes a couple of aspects on Thursday – a sextile to Venus and a square to Mercury.  It’s a great day to socialize with others, but be careful of what you say and think things out before you say it.

Be amazing!


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